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My son is generally laid back. He likes to swim. He likes going to practice. He enjoys going to meets. He never complains about going to practice. He has been dying for the summer season to start with his club so he could get back in the pool. All of that being said. He NEVER hustles. I have seen it at practice. I have seen it at meets. I have been the good swim parent and kept my mouth shut (for the most part). But, his coach is now asking for help. She is worried that if she yells at him too much, he is going to want to quit. Has anyone had any success in this area, or some suggestions?


September 10, 2011 at 7:09 am
(1) bahah says:

I understand what that is like, except not from a parents point of view, from the swimmer itself. I used to just swim at training but i never went out to hard, and expected to win at carnivals. I started to not win and slow down. In my opinion i dont like to be harassed about ‘not training good enough’ or ‘your slowing down you should just stop’. My mum is very supportive of my swimming which i am very glad of :) the things that often motivate me are videos like the jx documentries. They really make you want to do good. Also if your son has any competitors his age, then he might get a bit more competitive because i find that i am always wanting to beat my friends or get in front of them. Praising goes down well and sometimes treats for achievements. Set out goals and it always motivates you to do good and the feelig when you achieve them is incredible

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