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Breaststroke and Butterfly Technique Tip
Guide picks
The symmetrical, short axis strokes - butterfly and breaststroke - and ways to learn them or improve your technique and speed.

Breaststroke Breakthrough
Kurt Grote's stroke analyzed with words and pictures - great frame by frame shots of the whole breaststroke sequence; From The Breaststroker's Webpage.

Breaststroke Training Best of the Net
Technique and long term development ideas from Michael Lawrence, courtesy of ASCA.

Butterfly from Swim-City
Some of the basics on fly, including a diagram.

Body Roll
Views on why it is important, why it works, and how to improve yours, by Terry Laughlin.

Butterfly Like a Fish
Terry Laughlin, "fish-like swimming" proponent, writes about butterfly stroke development, using  Jenny Thompson for examples.

Catch the Wave, Part One
Roque Santos explains several drills to help the breaststroke pull.

Catch the Wave, Part Two
Kick drills for breaststroke from Roque Santos.

Fear of Flying?
Jane Katz's overview of butterfly technique.

It's Not How Fast You Swim But How Fast You Slow Down
Breaststrokers are often more heavily muscled than swimmers of the other strokes, and as such have more resistance from the water. The stroke is swum more in and under the water - this makes you slow down faster than the other strokes. Researchers have proven that Breaststroke takes more strength and energy than the other strokes - even butterfly!

Swim.EE Pictures Best of the Net
Great breakdowns of strokes, starts, and turns.

Swimming the Line - Short Axis
The concept of this site is to make you look at the art of swimming and the way you teach and learn the strokes in a different way.

Swimming Video Clips - Breaststroke
Video clips of some of the best swimmers in the world - Boggiatto, Moses, Fioravanti, Jones, Quann, Kovacs, etc

Michael Klim's Butterfly Photo's
A frame by frame analysis; From Swim Newbury.

Swimming Video Clips - Butterfly
Video clips of some of the best swimmers in the world - Hyman, Jacobsen, Malchow, etc.

Teaching Breastroke by David Salo
We have had our share of excellent breaststroke swimmers come through the ranks of our program, culminating with the American record set by Amanda Beard at the Olympic Games. I don't think that I would characterize what we promote through our program as the wave breaststroke or any other particular term, but there are some fundamental features of what we are looking for in the stroke.

The Dolphin Kick
There are many swimmers who believe the greatest oxymoron of all time is the term "effortless butterfly".

Video Clips - Breaststroke
More clips; these are breaststrokers.

Video Clips - Butterfly
Downloadable video snipets of world class butterflyers.

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