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Skin & Hair Care for Swimmers
Guide picks
Ways to win the fight against green, brittle hair and dry skin for swimmers.

About Skin Problems
The About.com Guide to Dermatology is one resource for those of you suffering from water related skin problems.

Green Hair
What causes it; From swimming@home.

Green Remover
Nexus Aloe Rid Treatment Deep Clarifying Solution is the ultimate chelator that thoroughly removes stubborn buildup, residual medication, heavy metals, minerals and harmful impurities from the internal and external structure of the hair. Aloe Rid Treatment is ideal for "swimmers hair" by effectively eliminating "chlorine green" and other pool and spa chemicals from the hair.

Hair Care Advice for Green Hair
This condition is always associated with copper in some form and tends to affect repeatedly bleached hair. It is never seen in black hair, as the green becomes lost in the background color. It may come from swimming pool water, especially where chloride treatment or copper algicides are used.

Hair Care for Pool or Salt Water
Pool water, although soothing to your body, can be very hard on the hair. The chlorine used to destroy bacteria can also strip moisture from your hair or even turn it green.

Hair Care Products for Swimmers from Agree
These products can help remove the chlorine - and the green - from your hair.

Hair Care Products for Swimmers from Ultra-Swim
A line of products for swimmers designed to keep their hair the way it was meant to be.

Hair Care Products for Swimmers
Products that help keep your hair safe from the green!

Swim Caps & Hair Care for Swimmers
A cap can protect your hair from damage from pool chlorine, keep your hair from tangling in goggle straps, streamline you and keep you warmer in the water - this site covers it all.

Yikes! It's Green
Green hair (of the unintentional variety), most obvious on blondes, is caused by substances such as nickel and chlorine that are found in swimming pools.

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