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Snacks - Nutrition for Swimmers
Guide picks
Healthy snack ideas for swimmers

Healthy Snacking
Another list of alternatives when making snack choices, from the Mayo Clinic.

Healthy Snacks
A good list of snacks that are also good for you, from the Mayo Clinic.

Homemade Snacks
Cycling Performance Tips' list of in-between meal ideas - good for swimmers, too.

The Snack-O-Matic
This little tool from Phys.com helps you make wise snacking decisions

Snacking - A Healthy Habit
Some common sense tips on eating between meals, from Dr. Phil Maffetone and The Maffetone Report.

The Vending machine Calorie Counter
A directory of nutritional information for goodies found in vending machines - what you are getting before the money goes in; From the McKinley Health Center of the University of Illinois.

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