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General Info - Nutrition for Swimmers
Guide picks
General Information on Nutrition for Swimmers.

About - Don't Forget the Protein
Barbara Chin, About.com Guide to Gymnastics, gives an in-depth explanation on why protein is so important in your diet.

About Healthy Eating and Sports Nutrition
The About.com Walking guide's page of links.

About Nutrition for Sports
More from the About.com, aimed at athletes, from the Sports Medicine guide. What to eat and why from an athlete's point of view.

A Recommended Plan
Aimed at competitive cyclists, these guidelines can also help swimmers. Includes daily eating ideas and a plan starting 4 days out from the big event; from Cycling Performance Tips.

About Nutrition for Swimmers
Some general guidance on what and when to eat, from the About.com Swimming guide.

About Nutrition Links
The About.com Exercise guide's list of links on nutrition.

A Glossary of Nutritional Terms
Mead Johnson's glossary.

About Sports Nutrition
Rick Hall, About.com's Nutrition guide, lists many resources on this link page.

Information on carbohydrate and its place in a nutritional plan, from Cycling Performance Tips.

Adolescent's Nutritional Needs
A brief look at eating for adolescents, from Intelihealth.

Athletes Fuel Up for Fitness
The American Dietetic Association's primer on eating for athletes.

Carbohydrates, Fuel for Thought
Rebecca King explains why carbohydrates are important, from the West Virginia Dietetic Association.

Benefits of carbohydrate during exercise
A closer look at energy gels, from Holly Hargroder and CarbBoom.

Calorie Facts
The basics of the calorie, including what is what and where they originate, from the Mayo Clinic.

Information on fat and its place in a nutritional plan, from Cycling Performance Tips.

Carbohydrate loading from the Mayo Clinic
Carbohydrate loading may give you the endurance you need to accomplish your goal.

Eating for Peak Performance
Susan M. Kleiner, PhD, RD, explains the concept behind the energy diet - if you don't have enough energy, you can't do much - from The Physician and Sports Medicine.

Endurance Sports Nutrition and Training Articles from PBN
PBN regularly updates this section with articles of interest to endurance athletes.

Grade School Nutrition Tips
Ideas for grade school age children, from the West Virginia Dietetic Association.

Fitness and Healthful Eating for Children
The American Dietetic Association gives some tips on nutrition for children.

Healthy Diet Guidelines
Help on balancing your diet, eating right, and rating your food choices; From the McKinley Health Center at the University of Illinois.

Eating for Endurance
A few tips on nutrition for athletes, from Mead Johnson.

High Carb Diet May Keep Cortisol Low
Edmund Burke, PhD, in Muscular Development, explains what this means and how this could help you perform better.

Meals of Champions
This article From HealthyWay gives some good hints on athlete's nutrition.

Nine Steps for Increasing Energy Through Food
Kristin Fusco and Swim Gold present some ideas on making what you eat work better for you.

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