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Supplements - Nutrition for Swimmers
Guide picks
Information on supplements for athletes - like swimmers.

Drugs & Doping
The About.com Swimming links to supplements.

Drugs & Doping
The About.com Sports Medicine Guide links on supplements.

Credible sources of information for vitamin and mineral supplementation from the About.com Nutrition Guide.

A-Z Supplements Directory
The Office of Dietary Supplements searchable database - you can find reports and information on just about anything edible here.

Blurbs on Herbs
The potentially beneficial and the toxic, from the Mayo Clinic.

Caffeine and Athletic Performance
How does caffeine change what an athlete can do and what are the dangers? Answered by Intelihealth.

Caffeine and Exercise Performance
Terry E. Graham, PhD, Lawrence L. Spriet, PhD, and GSSI explain in detail the effects of caffeine on athletic performance (GSSI requires you to become a member - but it's free).

Caffeine: And Now For the Good News!
FitnessLink's Susan O. Henry explains some of the recent findings on caffeine and its effects on performance.

Dietary Supplements
The USOC's guide to supplements, including warnings, cautions, and considerations for athletes.

Nutritional Supplements
Some of the myths, fads and misperceptions behind many things eaten or added to things eaten, from Cycling Performance Tips.

Nutritional Supplements for Strength Trained Athletes
Melvin H. Williams, PhD and GSSI present an in depth article on supplements commonly used during strength training (GSSI requires you to become a member - but it's free).

Sports Enhancers
Some are good, some questionable - and some are dangerous; by Edward G. McFarland, MD, from Intelihealth.

Athletes and coaches are looking for legal ways to improve performance and hasten recovery. Sports Coach examines some ergogenic aids.

Testing Health Shakes
A Nutritional analysis of several "health shakes" from Phys.Com and Womens Sports & Fitness.

Too Much of a Good Thing
ACE reports on some common ideas behind supplements.

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