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Guide Picks - Top 10 Triathlon Wetsuits
Starting your triathlon in a wetsuit (designed for triathletes) offers you a great advantage. You will float better, stay warmer, and finish the swim faster than you would without the wetsuit. Maybe the biggest bonus - you will have more energy left for the bike and run. These triathlon specific wetsuits offer features such as extra stretchy neoprene, quick release zippers, and panels to help you grab more water on your pull. Most are available with or without sleeves, but for maximum speed sleeved models seem to be the best. Wear one of these for your next tri - the result - you'll be faster!
1) DeSoto T1
DeSoto T1 T1 Wetsuits sell separate tops and bottoms. You can customize your fit, and since the two pieces are not attached, shoulder restriction and the fatigue that occurs with traditional one-piece wetsuits has been eliminated.
2) Ironman Fusion (now called blueseventy)
Ironman Fusion Made for triathletes who are good swimmers, this two piece zipper-less suit combines a long-john and sleeved top that fuse together at the torso forming a single, sealed unit.
3) Ironman VO2 Stealth
This is a more traditional one-piece triathlon wetsuit, designed to give buoyancy and reduce drag. Its special features are supposed to allow unrestricted breathing resulting in the swimmer spending less energy during the swim.
4) Orca Predator 2
Another of the more traditional one-piece designs, this wetsuit uses something called "target paneling" to allow both good flexibility and buoyancy, resulting in a wetsuit that helps you to be your best.
5) QR Superfull
Quintana Roo makes bikes and wetsuits for triathletes. Their Superfull wetsuit is a one-piece design with a quick-release zipper, extra-flexible neoprene at the critical points like the shoulders, and it's treated to prevent water absorption, keeping the suit buoyant.
6) Aquaman Pulsar
A one-piece wetsuit with a reverse-pull zipper for quick exits, no shoulder seams for better flexibility, and no neck seams to eliminate those nasty neck burns. Speed and flexibility are the focus of this suit, from the way this suit is cut to the types of neoprene used.
7) Pro Motion Freeswim + Glideskin
This one-piece wetsuit includes ankle zips for quick exit, stretch panels in the back and armpit for added mobility, and a super-slick "Glideskin" coating to help you slip through the water with maximum efficiency. They also have a lifetime warranty.
8) O'Neill Triathlon 4/3
O'Neill makes tri wetsuits, too. The one-piece suit has slightly shorter than normal legs and a semi-sealed full-zip for fast exits and "Ultraflex" in the arms and shoulders to maximize flexibility. These suits are warm and fast.
9) Piel VITO
Imagine a wetsuit that comes off almost instantly - here it is. The Piel literally peels off after you release the break-away zipper - make that two zippers - that run from ankle to neck. One pull and the suit is off in 6 seconds or less.
10) Lightfoot Pro Steamer
This Aussie one-piece wetsuit features specially backed neoprene, from Yamamoto of Japan, for increased flexibility, making it feel like a second skin. It has a reduced number of panels - less seams - and has special arm and shoulder gussets for freedom of movement.
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