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Swimming Lesson Myth: You Have to Keep Your Mouth Closed
Jim Reiser. Many parents (and even swimming lesson teachers) remind their children when taking swimming lessons to keep the mouth closed while swimming.
Water Smart 101 Water Safety DVD - Review - Swimming - About.com
Jim Reiser has put together a DVD, Water Smart 101, that makes the task of teaching water safety to children as easy as having them watch a video... because ...
Swim Lessons to Teach Swimmers to Float - Swimming - About.com
Jim Reiser, M.S.. When it comes to teaching swim lessons to true beginners who are at least 3 year of age, the back float can be taught in 60 seconds or less.
'Hide Frog Hide' - A Game for Teaching Young Swimmers - Swimming
Teaching Young Children Facial Immersion - Jim Reiser. Make it fun!. Jim Reiser. The secret to success when teaching young children is to make learning like ...
Use Flotation Devices or Life Jackets in Swim Lessons? - Swimming
Swimmer in Flotation Device - Jim Reiser, M.S.. When properly used, a progressive flotation device will make a huge difference, from developing confidence, ...
How to Teach Swimming to Preschoolers - About.com
Teaching Swim Lessons for PreSchool Swimmers. Three And Four Year Olds Require Different Approaches - Preschool Swim Lessons. By Jim Reiser, M.S..
How Quickly Can You Teach a Child To Swim?
How Quickly Can You Teach a Child To Swim? Age, Experience, Program, Ability , Motivation, and Expertise. By Jim Reiser, M.S.. Share this. Send to a Friend ...
Sample Swim Lessons Progression (Infants and Toddlers) - Swimming
Jim Reiser, the author, and About.com and its assocaties, are held harmless against all injury and liability that may result from the use of this article as a teaching ...
Dunking Infants and Babies - Swim Lessons and Dunking - Swimming
Dunking Infants and Babies - Swim Lessons and Dunking. Should Baby Swimmers Or Infant Swimmers Be Dunked During Swim Lessons? By Jim Reiser, M.S..
Swim Lessons, Learning to Swim, Swim Classes - Swimming
Water Smart 101 Water Safety DVD - Jim Reiser ... a swim lesson instructor could use to control a class? Share. Swim Lesson Teacher and Student - Jim Reiser ...
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