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Swimming Lesson Myth: You Have to Keep Your Mouth Closed
Swim Lesson Teacher and Student - Jim Reiser. We're both smiling, and our mouths are open under water during this swim lesson. Jim Reiser. Many parents  ...
Swim Lessons to Teach Swimmers to Float - Swimming - About.com
Back Float Practice - Jim Reiser, M.S.. Relax and float in a 1-minute swim lesson. Jim Reiser, M.S.. When it comes to teaching swim lessons to true beginners ...
Water Smart 101 Water Safety DVD - Review - Swimming - About.com
Jim Reiser has put together a DVD, Water Smart 101, that makes the task of teaching water safety to children as easy as having them watch a video... because ...
'Hide Frog Hide' - A Game for Teaching Young Swimmers - Swimming
Teaching Young Children Facial Immersion - Jim Reiser. Make it fun!. Jim Reiser. The secret to success when teaching young children is to make learning like ...
Use Flotation Devices or Life Jackets in Swim Lessons? - Swimming
Swimmer in Flotation Device - Jim Reiser, M.S.. When properly used, a progressive flotation device will make a huge difference, from developing confidence, ...
How to Teach Swimming to Preschoolers - About.com
Teaching Swim Lessons for PreSchool Swimmers. Three And Four Year Olds Require Different Approaches - Preschool Swim Lessons. By Jim Reiser, M.S..
Improve Your Swimming Technique - How to Swim Better
... Use Yor Head Position · Swimming Technique Drills · Four Swim Skills to Master. Back Float Practice - Jim Reiser, M.S.. Relax and float - when you are ready.
Dunking Infants and Babies - Swim Lessons and Dunking - Swimming
Dunking Infants and Babies - Swim Lessons and Dunking. Should Baby Swimmers Or Infant Swimmers Be Dunked During Swim Lessons? By Jim Reiser, M.S..
Swim Lessons, Learning to Swim, Swim Classes - Swimming
Water Smart 101 Water Safety DVD - Jim Reiser ... a swim lesson instructor could use to control a class? Share. Swim Lesson Teacher and Student - Jim Reiser ...
Videos and DVDs for Swimmers and Related Sports - Swimming
Jim Reiser's DVD's show how to teach swimming for all ages of children, starting with a parent/infant DVD and moving through every age and ability of children's ...
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