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History of the Olympics - Creating the Modern Games
After 1500 years with no Olympics, the modern Olympic Games were established. Learn how and why the Games began again.
History of the Olympics - 1906 Olympic Games in Athens
However, the plan to implement additional Olympic Games in Greece did not continue after the 1906 Games; thus the 1906 Olympics is considered unofficial.
1952 Olympic Games - Helsinki, Finland - 20th Century History
Since the Soviet Union joined in their first Olympics since 1912, the 1952 Olympic Games were largely a reflection of the Cold War.
History of the Olympics - 1900 Olympic Games in Paris
... was also hosting the World Exhibition, an international fair of immense size. Because of the fair, the 1900 Olympics were poorly organized and poorly publicized.
History of the Olympics - List of the Olympic Games
A year-by-year overview of all the modern Olympic Games.
1968 Olympic Games in Mexico City Overview - 20th Century History
The 1968 Olympic Games were very exciting. The Olympics were both disrupted by protests and surprised by new techniques in the high jump and long jump.
History of the Olympics - 1936 Olympic Games in Berlin
Although there was much discussion about boycotting the 1936 Olympic Games because they were being held in Nazi Germany, the Olympics were held as ...
The 1932 Olympic Games in Los Angeles - History
... guests were slow to respond to invitations to the 1932 Olympic Games. However, the 1932 Olympics proved memorable and debuted the first Olympic Village.
1912 Olympics - 20th Century History - About.com
The 1912 Olympics at Stockholm were known as the "Swedish Masterpiece" because they were so well organized. Avery Brundage, IOC president from 1952 to ...
History of the Olympics - 1904 Olympic Games in St. Louis
The 1904 Olympic Games were held in St. Louis, United States. Unfortunately, holding the Olympics far from Europe made worldwide participation very low.
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