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Buying Advice on Triathlon Wetsuits - Swimming - About.com
Wearing a triathlon wetsuits should give you a potential or an actual swimming speed boost. You do not have this free swim speed boost in a non-triathlon ...
Swimming and Triathlon Training for Swimming
A reader asks - "I have my bike and run triathlon training figured out, but can't get the swimming portion locked in; do I do long swimming sessions, short sprints, ...
Swimming in a Triathlon - About.com
The first leg of a triathlon is the wettest, even on a rainy day. But it should also be the most enjoyable and relaxed part of the triathlon. Good triathlon swimming ...
Top 6 Swimmer's FAQ's on Triathlon Swims - Swimming - About.com
What questions do triathletes frequently ask about the swim portion of a triathlon? TriSwim Coach Kevin Koskella reviews the his top 6 FAQ's from swimmers on ...
Open Water or Triathlon Swimming Training Olympic Workouts
Swimming Workouts for Open Water or a Triathlon - Olympic Distance or 1500m. Olympic Triathlon Open Water Swimming Workouts. By Mat Luebbers.
Mark Allen Olympic Distance Triathlon - About.com
Mark Allen is the six-time winner of the Triathlon World Championship in Kona, Hawaii. Throughout his professional career, he's placed in the top-three over ...
Sleeves or Sleeveless Wetsuits for a Triathlon Swimmer - Swimming
A reader asked for some triathlon wetsuit buying ideas. "I'm a good swimmer. It's my strength in triathlons. I'm doing an Ironman race, and the water temperature ...
Mark Allen Sprint Triathlon Training Program - About.com
Mark Allen - some consider him the best triathlete to ever race the Ironman. He's the six-time winner of the Triathlon World Championship in Kona, Hawaii (his ...
What Kind of Triathlon Are You Ready For? - About.com
Triathlon is an addictive sport. After achieving your goals by finishing a certain distance, you'll find yourself hungry for more. Check out this article for information  ...
Triathlon - About.com
Triathlon Essentials. Three young women riding bicycles on beach, smiling - Kraig Scarbinsky/Digital Vision/. Buying the Right Bicycle for You · Teenager oiling ...
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