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Buying Advice on Triathlon Wetsuits - Swimming - About.com
Wearing a triathlon wetsuits should give you a potential or an actual swimming speed boost. You do not have this free swim speed boost in a non-triathlon ...
Swimming in a Triathlon - About.com
The first leg of a triathlon is the wettest, even on a rainy day. But it should also be the most enjoyable and relaxed part of the triathlon. Good triathlon swimming ...
Swimming and Triathlon Training for Swimming
Ask yourself how important it is to win the swimming portion of a triathlon compared to how you will perform overall. The longer the race, the less likely it is that ...
Sleeves or Sleeveless Wetsuits for a Triathlon Swimmer - Swimming
A reader asked for some triathlon wetsuit buying ideas. "I'm a good swimmer. It's my strength in triathlons. I'm doing an Ironman race, and the water temperature ...
Triathlon - Swimming - About.com
Triathlon training and racing tips, teams, clubs, rules and governing bodies.
Triathlon or Open Water Swimming Workouts - Key Sets
Important or key open water swimming or triathlon swim workouts involve race simulation, open water swimming skill proficiency, sustainable swimming speed,  ...
Basic Training Ideas for a Sprint Distance Triathlon ... - Swimming
Triathlons are a swim, bike, and run to the finish, a "multisport" race. Sound intimidating? It should not be. Many triathlons are short, sprint distance events, ...
Olympic Distance Training for the Time-Crunched Triathlete - Triathlon
An Olympic distance triathlon isn't a cake walk. Known also as the International distance, it's the distance competed at the university and the Olympic levels.
Triathlon - About.com
Triathlon Swimming: Improve Your Body Position and Kicking · - Rob124/Flickr/ CC BY 2.0. How Busy Athletes Can Train for Olympic Distance Triathlons ...
Sprint Training for the Time-Crunched Triathlete
It's not easy to be a triathlete for a number of reasons. For most triathletes, the biggest challenge isn't the distances they're racing. It's finding the time within an ...
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