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Top Swim Training Fins - 2012 Finalists - About Swimming Readers' Choice Awards


These swim training fins made it into the top 5 for the 2012 About Swimming Readers' Choice Awards.

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Everyone has something to say about their favorites. I received a lot of interesting nominations, but have narrowed them down to several finalists for your consideration. As a result, some great candidates didn't get quite enough nominations to make to the finals.

Voting will open on 22 Feb and close on 21 Mar 2012. The winners will be announced on 30 Mar.

Aqua Sphere Alpha Fins

Aqua Sphere Alpha Fins
These are lightweight, durable and comfortable swim training fins. When I first picked up a pair, I thought they would last a few minutes at best, but the swimmers I know that use then are still using them.

From the manufacturer:

  • Provides isolated leg workout
  • Buoyancy improves body position
  • Water channels provide stability and maximum power transfer
  • Dedicated right and left fins with full arch support
  • Made of non-waterlogging, EVA foam
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Speedo Optimus Training Fins

Speedo Optimus Training Fins
These fins are a lot like a traditional fin, only shorter. Fairly durable if you take care of them, nothing too fancy, just a solid pair of training fins that perform.

From the manufacturer:

  • From the manufacturer:
  • Perfect for development of strong racing kick
  • Comfortable, roomy foot pockets
  • Slip-resistant heel
  • 100% Rubber fin
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TYR Crossblade Fins

TYR Crossblade Fins
The TYR Crossblades are another in the line of solid, traditional training fins that have been shortened. Why do shorter fins seem popular? Because they allow a swimmer to have a similar kick speed or rhythm as they would without the flippers, and they tend to not get stuck on the wall when you do a flip turn or an open turn.

From the manufacturer:

  • A multi-purpose training fin
  • Intermediate blade length combines the attributes of both short and long blade fins
  • Increases tempo and speed while still offering increased resistance to build leg power
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Z2 Zoomers Training Fins

Finis Zoomers Z2 Fins
The Z2s are the second generation of the original Zoomers (see below). They have been redisigned to give better propulsion, increased comfort, and still add the extra oomph of training with swim fins. I still see more original Zoomers on the pool deck, but they may change over time.

From the manufacturer:

  • Patented short-blade design for shorter, faster kick
  • 20% more propulsion area than original Zoomers
  • Fluid separator creates natural extension of the foot
  • Channel converters catch water to work the kick in both directions
  • Closed heal to help keep the fins in place
  • Lightweight than original Zoomers Fins
  • Shorter length than standard swim fins helps prevent leg cramps
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Zoomers Original Training Fins

Zoomers Original Training Fins
These might not be the first short-blade training fin design, but in the USA they are very popular. The originals came in a stiff red model, then later a softer blue model was also made available. Now the gold model is out and is more comfortable than the red or the blue while keeping the stiff blade design to move you faster through the water.

From the manufacturer:

  • A new level of foot pocket comfort
  • Improved blade stiffness
  • Soft rubber foot pocket for more comfort
  • Blade stiffness is now a balance between that of the red and the blue zoomers
  • Train with zoomers gold for a stronger faster kick with ideal propulsion
  • Used by all levels of swimming to boost cardiovascular conditioning and accelerate speed during workouts
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