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Top Swimming Goggles - 2012 Finalists About Swimming Readers' Choice Awards


These swim goggles made it into the top 4 for the 2012 About Swimming Readers' Choice Awards.

Voting will open on 22 Feb and close on 21 Mar 2012. The winners will be announced on 30 Mar.

Vote Now: Top Goggles

Everyone has something to say about their favorites. I received a lot of interesting nominations, but have narrowed them down to several finalists for your consideration. As a result, some great candidates didn't get quite enough nominations to make to the finals.

What are your favorite goggles? Did they make the voting round? If not, let us know on the About Swimming Readers' Forum. Tell us what makes your favorite so good, and remember to nominate them next year.

Goggles have improved from the "old days" of glass lenses. Swim goggles come in all colors and sizes, clear, smoked, mirrored, with corrective lenses and even built-in anti fog. Several inventors are working on putting a clock into or onto goggles so you can see your time as you swim.

For me, once I find a style of goggles I liked, I tried to stick with them. I would stray and try other styles, but I always came back to the ones I found worked best for me way back in the days of high school swimming. The model and brand I like seem to go in and out of production every year, but I have been lucky to find them again whenever I needed to get a new pair or two. To be safe, last time I bought goggles, I bought 12 pair!

Finis Energy Goggle

Finis Energy Goggle
From the Manufacturer: The Energy Goggles are our most comfortable fitness goggles. The soft one-piece frame is designed for a universal fit, making the goggles great for all face shapes. Ideal for fitness and open water swimmers, the Energy Goggles' curved carbon polymer lenses reduce distortion and provide optimal viewing.
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Speedo Vanquisher Goggle

The Speedo Vanquisher Goggle
From the Manufacturer: Designed for swimmers with a serious need for speed. Hard frame creates watertight seal. Low profile keeps the goggle close to the face. Mirrored: Maximum visibility, minimum glare; ideal for outdoor use. Expanded side view lets you keep an eye on the competition. New low profile, pastel colored goggle. Soft silicone lens gaskets and headstrap. Anti-fog, polycarbonate lens with pearlescent mirrored finish, and UV protection 95+. Interchangeable nose piece with 4 different sizes included. PVC and Latex free.
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Swedish Goggles

Swedish Goggles
About the Goggles: These are a long–time favorite of competitive swimmers. Its unique and low–profile look is available in many colors. The no-gasket design makes for a better fit and sleeker look. A set of nimble fingers is needed as they require full assembly.
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TYR Racetech Goggles

TYR Racetech Goggles
From the Manufacturer: The Racetech Goggles feature a low profile, wide angle design, for enhanced clarity and improved vision. Showcasing anti-fog UV construction and leak-proof Thermo Plastic Rubber (TPR) gaskets, the Racetech Goggles provide a secure, comfortable fit, while easy adjust side clips and a split latex headstrap allow for custom sizing. Ideal for racing, training and triathlon, the Racetech Goggles are engineered for performance in the water.
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