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Breaststroke and Butterfly Technique Tips

The symmetrical, short axis strokes - butterfly and breaststroke - and ways to learn them or improve your technique and speed.

Butterfly swimming - surprisingly popular with older age groups
Most recreational swimmers initially dismiss butterfly swimming because it apparently needs such a high degree of strength, mobility and coordination. It is second only to front crawl in speed, and was officially recognized as the fourth competitive swim stroke nearly 50 years ago. Even if you don't master it perfectly, the progressive technique...

Teach Yourself How to Swim Breaststroke
You can learn to swim breaststroke by teaching yourself how to do it. Follow this step-by-step breaststroke swimming guide, keep practicing, and you will be swimming breaststroke in no time.

Butterfly - Thoughts on Basic Technique
What is your mental picture of a butterfly swimmer? This is the result of a quick mental exercise, trying to describe different elements of butterfly swimming technique.

How to Swim Butterfly
Teach yourself to swim butterfly, step by step.

Breaststroke - Thoughts on Basic Technique
What is your mental picture of a breaststroke swimmer? This is one result from a mental exercise to quickly describe different elements of breaststroke swimming

Butterfly Swimming Technique Tips - How Do You Describe Butterfly Swimming
Swimming butterfly . Up, down, high hips, kick, don't kick too much. How do you describe the elements of butterfly?e?

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