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Keep the Water OUT of Your Ears - the Ear Protective Goggle - EPG

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Ear Protection Device for Swimmers

Ear Protection Device for Swimmers

Joanne DeAngelis, Inventor of the EPG

The Bottom Line

As long as it is properly fitted, the EPG works for almost any recreational water activity. It is not the best option for all lap swimmers as it limits head movement in certain directions, but it does work. I tried it for an extended workout and I did not feel any water in my ears the entire time I was in the pool.

Swim On!


  • Keeps water out of your ears
  • Can be used with almost any goggles
  • Comes in fun, bright colors
  • Durable materials


  • Must be the right size
  • Must be fitted properly
  • Will not work for every swimmer - if it does not fit you, it will leak


  • A neoprene, silicone, and Velcro device to keep water out of a swimmers' ears.
  • Invented by a mom inspired by seeing children bothered when water got into their ears.
  • The design allows almost any goggle to be used with the EPG.
  • If keeping water out of your ears is keeping you out of the water, try the EPG. It may be what you need to get into the swim.

Guide Review - Keep the Water OUT of Your Ears - the Ear Protective Goggle - EPG

Do you, or does someone you know, hate water in your ears while swimming? The Ear Protective Goggle (EPG) might be perfect for you. It incorporates swim goggles and a silicone-gasket ear seal into one easy to use, convenient, effective tool for swimmers of all ages that will keep water out of your eyes and out of your ears while swimming, aiding in preventing ear's from getting wet, which, inturn, may help decrease the occurrence of swimmer's ear infections.

The EPG uses a neoprene and Velcro strap system to incorporate an ear cover made of silicone that prevents water form getting to your ear. The Ear Protective Goggle's design allows the user to switch goggles from the ones supplied to their own personal favorite via two small Velcro goggle-fasteners.

This is a great invention that may be the answer for many of those that hate swimming because of the feeling of water in their ears. The system works. Take a look and you may see something that will help you enjoy the water.

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