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Freestyle and Backstroke Swimming Technique Tips for Swimmers

Freestyle and backstroke are referred to the long-axis strokes, as you are rotating on the long-axis of your body while swimming these two strokes. These swimming technique tips will help you become a faster, more efficient swimmer.

Swimming Drills for Freestyle Swimmers
Some basic freestyle swimming drills that can help any swimmer become a faster and more efficient swimmer.

Swim Better Tips - Wrist Flex and Alternate Breathing
There are hundreds of things a swimmer could think about to help themselves swim better freestyle. The trick is to find the things that work for you.

Teach Yourself to Swim Freestyle
A basic guide on teaching yourself how to swim freestyle.

Swim Better Tips - Look Down, Kick Right, Shoulder Roll
Looking for swim drills that work for you or your swimming technique? Try different ones to see which you like, and which you do not. You may find that the ones you like the least are the best ones for you to use. Here are a few that might help you improve your freestyle swimming skills.

Freestyle or Front Crawl Pull Tip for Swimmers
Think about how your freestyle pull next time you go for a swim workout, and you can improve your swimming.

My Favorite Freestyle Swimming Drill
Do you use drills to try and improve your swimming technique? I have one I often use for freestyle that helps me be a better swimmer

How often should a swimmer kick when swimming freestyle?
The freestyle kick - 2-beat, 4-beat, 6-beat, 2-beat crossover, What do I use when swiming freestyle? This swimming question, often asked by swimmers, is one best answered by that swimmer. How? By a little swim or kick test in the swimming pool. The answer to how much you kick when swimming freestyle today might not be what you do 6 months from...

Swimmers Want to Kick Faster
Swimmers, how can you become a better kicker? Try some of these ideas!

Freestyle Swimming Arm Recovery
How you move your hand from the exit to the entry matters in every stroke. Here is how to do it for freestyle swimming.

How to Fix Sinking Legs When Swimming Freestyle
Ever feel like your legs are sinking when you swim freestyle? Do you have to kick a lot to keep your legs from dragging on the bottom of the pool when you are swimming freestyle? Sinking legs when swimming freestyle is usually due to one of two things (or both).

How to Swim Backstroke or Back Crawl
Want to learn how to swim backstroke? Follow these steps to teach yourself how to swim it.

Freestyle Swimming Hand Entry Position
Where does the hand enter the water during freestyle swimming?

How to Master the Top 5 Challenges to Breathing in Freestyle Swimming
The most common question I hear in the triathlete world about the mysteries of swimming efficiently usually involves something with breathing. In freestyle, it is the first step to get your body position right. Then, for many, you throw in breathing and everything goes haywire!

I Cannot Maintain My Kick Speed When I Swim Freestyle
I am a swimmer with a problem. Do you have any suggestions for a swimmer with a lazy swimming kick (freestyle)? I will be swimming well, then I will loose my kick rhythm and cannot regain it. Any info would be great. Let's try two things that might help you overcome your "lazy" swimming kick trouble.

Improving a Swimmer's 100 Freestyle
How did Alexandre Popov manage to become the world's fastest and most efficient human swimmer? The basic thrust of his program was that stroke efficiency - not training speed, hard work or power - was the #1 goal.

Learn to Swim Freestyle on Your Side
When we learned to swim freestyle as children, most of us swim flat in the water, with little or no hip rotation as our arms are doing the majority of the work. Many triathletes and open water swimmers have found it necessary to change their stroke and swim more on their sides in order to conserve energy, swim faster, and get through potential rough water conditions with greater ease.

Swim Smooth Tool to See Freestyle Swimming Technique - Mr Smooth
The Swim Smooth "Mr Smooth" Freestyle Viewing Console allows you to see freestyle technique from different angles and at different stroke rates. This is a great tool for visual learners, helping swimmers to see freestyle technique on a PC or a Mac. It even works on an iPhone or an iPod.

Swim.EE Stroke Pictures
Great breakdowns of strokes, starts, and turns.

Swimmer, do you have a runner's kick?
Do you have the dreaded runner's kick? Have no fear, there are things you can do to beceome a better kicker and a better swimmer. Even the worst of kickers can develop an adequate kick for freestyle, which is all you need for a triathlon swim.

Swimming Backstroke in a Straight Line
I have a backstroke swimming problem which I do not know how to correct. When I swim back stroke I am not swimming straight - I am a crooked backstroke swimmer. I have even been disqualified because I went over the lane ropes into another lane when swimming in a backstroke race. I need help to correct this swimming problem! The advice I have for...

Swimming Catch-up Drill - Better Swimming by Using Drills
The catch-up drill is one of the key swimming drills to use to become a better freestyle swimmer.

Swimming Stroke Length, Stroke Rate and a Swimmer's Training
Most swimmers will, at one time or another, count how many strokes they take per length and aim to reduce the number of strokes by focusing on such elements as catch, pull through, and body rotation. This is an excellent way to improve your economy and efficiency through the water.

The Swim Smooth DVD - Don't miss this one
The Swim Smooth DVD from Coach Paul Newsome (Perth, Australia) is a must-have in any swimmer or swim coach's swimming technique and swim training toolbox. It is a comprehensive freestyle technique guide for pool swimmers and for triathletes with above and under water clips. It also includes sections on wetsuit use, ocean swimming, and open water...

Swim Types Swimming Improvement Guides Review - Swim Types from Swim Smooth
If you are looking for a way to improve your freestyle swim technique and speed, Swim Types from Swim Smooth may be just the thing you need. Each pdf guide breaks down a particular type of freestyle, the downside of that type, and how to change it to become a better swimmer.

Key Elements of Freestyle Swimming Technique - Freestyle Swimming Technique
Swimming freestyle. Long arms, high elbows, rotate your hips, kick. How do you describe the elements of freestyle?

Key Elements of Backstroke Swimming Technique - Backstroke Swimming Technique
Swimming backstroke. Kick, still head, shoulder roll, pinky first entry. How do you describe the elements of backstroke?

Backstroke - Thoughts on Basic Technique
What do backstroke swimmers look like in your mind's eye? This is what I see when I think about a backstroke swimming.

The Big Four Swimming Skills
Here are four important swimming skills that every swimmer should work on to be a better swimmer.

Basic Freestyle Technique
What are the basics of freestyle swimming technique? How can you describe a freestyle swimmer in words? Maybe like this!

Freestyle Head Point Drill - A Simple Swimming Technique Tip for Freestyle
An easy to understand freestyle technique tip for head positioning is to keep the top of your head pointed at your destination - head point!

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