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Injury Treatment and Rehabilitation for Swimmers

Swimmers, are you injured and trying to figure out what is wrong, or do you need to rehabilitate from a swimming injury? Worried about asthma, chlorine, swimmer's ear, or the dreaded green hair effect of swimming pools? These tips may help you recover or prevent some of these swimming problems.
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About Physical Therapy
The About.com guide to Physical

About.com's Sports Medicine Guide
About.com's Sports Medicine Guide

ColdOne Refreezable Injury Treatment System
Most injuries require the RICE treatment - rest, ice, compression, and elevation. The Cold One reusable compression wrap, with its built-in ice blanket might be just what you need to treat swimmer's shoulder, breaststroker's knee, or a multitude of other swimming injuries. It'll work for other injuries, too.

Ice Right Compression Ice Wrap for Treatment and Prevention of Swimming Injury
Ice Right is an easy system to use. I have used ice and compression therapy for injuries like swimmer's shoulder and breaststroker's knee, and the Ice Right would work very well for ice and compression injury treatment protocols. The only real downside? You have to supply the ice or an instant ice-pack.

Olympic Swim Coach Richard Quick Teams Up With Swim Across America
On February 14th, Swim Across America is hosting a national fundraising event to raise money for cancer research. This event is a tribute to the legendary Olympic coach, Richard Quick, who was recently diagnosed with an inoperable brain tumor. Swimmers of all ages and ability will swim in Richard’s honor, supporting Swim Across America’s efforts to fight cancer across the country.

Successful Swimmer and Successful Kidney Transplant Recipient
The thoughts of a successful kidney transplant aquatic athlete on her journey to wellness. Swimmer Carol Fitzsimons talks about her life in and out of the swimming pool.

Swimming Away From Back Pain and Injury
In many cases, swimming can be a very helpful exercise for back pain sufferers. Athletes commonly become injured, and swimming is a great way to keep active since it usually does not put excess strain on a swimmer's back. However, that’s not to say that swimming can’t cause back pain or injuries as well.

Swimming in Indoor Swimming Pools May Expose Swimmers to Harmful By-Products
A study published in Environmental Health Perspectives supports the idea that exposure to disinfectant by-products occurs in swimmers swimming in indoor pools. The study looked at 49 swimmers, measuring various blood and exhaled gas values before and after workouts and two weeks later.

About - Overtraining - When Less is More
Overtraining explained, from the About.com Guide to Sports Medicine.

About - Overtraining Syndrome
Elizabeth Quinn, About.com's Sports Medicine Guide, explains the warning signs of overtraining.

About Overtraining
About.com's Guide to Sports Medicine's links to more overtraining information.

About Muscle Cramps
A cramp is an involuntary and forcibly contracted muscle that does not relax. Cramps can affect any muscle under your voluntary control (skeletal muscle). Muscles that span two joints are most prone to cramping. Cramps can involve part or all of a muscle, or several muscles in a group.

About Side Stitches
That sharp twinge of pain just below the rib cage on the right or left side. The infamous side stitch is believed to be a spasm or cramp in the diaphragm muscle.

About Drugs and Doping in Sports
Information on doping and drugs and their effect on sporting performances from the About.com Sports Medicine guide.

Tunisian Swimmer Oussama Mellouli Suspended For 18 Months
The Court of Arbitration for Sport (CAS) has partially admitted the appeal filed by the International Swimming Federation (FINA) against the decision of the Disciplinary Commission of the Tunisian Swimming Federation (FTN), rendered on 8 March 2007 which imposed a reprimand and a warning on the swimmer.

Swimming Pools Could Increase Hay Fever Occurences in Swimmers Later in Life
Does exposure to the swimming pool chemicals like chlorine result in adverse health conditions for swimmers? This study reports that it could, especially during a swimmer's adult life if they swam when they were children.

About Swimming Allergies
About.com's Allergy Guide can help you determine if it is an allergy, and ways to help you control them.

Asthma and Exercise
Swimming is one of the sports that asthmatics can participate in and have success; the About.com guide to asthma looks at sports and asthma.

Chlorinated Swimming Pools Can Cause Asthma in Swimmers
Chlorinated swimming pools can cause asthma in swimmers according to research from several sources. These findings may explain why swimmers are more prone to asthma and other breathing problems than athletes in other sports.

Chlorine, Swimming Pools, and Breathing Problems In Swimmers
Chlorine in pools leads to breathing trouble in trained swimmers, regardless of past history of such problems, and the likelihood increases with the amount of chlorine used in the water.

The Shoulder Injury Rate in Swimming
Learn about the shoulder injury rate in swimming

Guide to Swimmer's Shoulder, Part I
Swimmer's Shoulder Guide for swimmers.

Guide to Swimmer's Shoulder, Part II
Learn the muscles needing strengthening for swimmer's shoulder.

Guide to Swimmer's Shoulder, Part III Muscle Timing
Learn about muscle timing and swimmer's shoulder.

Guide to Swimmer's Shoulder, Part IV Swimming Biomechanics
Swimming biomechanics increasing shoulder stress.

Arthritis? Swim Early in the Morning!
The morning is associated with more articular cartilage. Swimming has low joint loading and stress. Consider swimming in the morning if you have arthritis!

Cramps in Swimming....What is the Cause?
See what causes and influences cramping in swimmers.

Reasons Why Swimmers Stretch Their Shoulders
Learn why swimmers shouldn't stretch their shoulders.

Product Review: COR Swimmer's Shoulder System
Make sure you and your swimmers are healthy for maximal swimming enjoyment and success by following the COR Swimmer's Shoulder System today!

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