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Open Water Swimming

If you want to "do it with out walls" these are some places to start.
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  4. Open Water Swim Glossary (105)

How Would You Build Up Your Swim Training Distance for a Long Open Water Race
What would you do to to train for a 3-mile open water swim? Here is one way that might work for you.

British Gas Great Salford Swim 2011
The British Gas Great Salford Swim was first staged in September 2010 and proved a huge success with 2,000 people swimming the one mile distance at Salford Quays, in a unique course in a spectacular location within sight of Manchester United's world-famous Old Trafford football stadium. Two of the country's leading mass participation running and...

Open Water Swimming Workout Tips
There is more to swimming than just doing lap after lap, turning when you reach the wall at the end of the swimming pool. You can swim in places with no walls - open water swimming. Depending on the reasons you do open water swimming, you may find it more psychologically rewarding; open water swimming can certainly be just as productive for...

FINA Open Water Swimming Safety and Fran Cripen Death Task Force Report
Started by the death of Fran Cripen and pushed by the release of USA Swimming's Open Water Safety Report, FINA has released their findings on the death of open water swimmer Fran Cripen and recommendations on how to improve open water swimming safety.

Protecting Open Water Swimmers - 2011 Open Water Safety Conference
Sharks, jellyfish, currents, waves, hypothermia, hyperthermia and pollution. How are athletes protected in open water swimming events? How is water safety included in event planning and execution? This is the theme of the March 18 through March 20 Protecting Athletes: Open Water Swimming Safety Conferencein San Francisco.

Open Water or Triathlon Swimming Training Workouts
Important or key open water swimming or triathlon swim workouts involve race simulation, open water swimming skill proficiency, sustainable swimming speed, and time to recover after a swim. These factors, along with the athletes experience and goal open water swimming or triathlon race distance, will help a swimmer balance the types of swimming...

2011 Crippen Mile Open Water Swim - 11 June 2011 in Fort Meyers, Florida
The Fort Myers Estero Open Water Festival will be hosting the first annual Crippen Mile Open Water Swim at Fort Myers Beach on Saturday, June 11, 2011. The inaugural race has been created to remember and celebrate the life of Fran Crippen, who tragically passed away in a World Cup Open Water 10k Race in Dubai, U.A.E. on October 23, 2010.

2011 FINA 10km Marathon Swimming World Cup and Grand Prix Calendar
FINA has re-scheduled its 10km Marathon Swimming World Cup in 2011, which will have its first race in April in Santos, Brazil, in order to provide the necessary time for the FINA Task Force in charge of investigating the causes and circumstances of the tragic loss of open water swimmer Fran Crippen on October 23, 2010, at the last leg of the...

2010 Open Water Swimming Global Conference
The 2010 Open Water Swimming Global Conference will be held in Long Beach, California on June 5th as part of the 2010 USA Swimming National Open Water Swimming Championship weekend. The Conference brings together the world's foremost experts on open water swimming.

Escape from Alcatraz Swim Report
The Escape from Alcatraz Swim is a challenge - read a first-person swim report.

USMS 5K Championship, Swimming Open Water Aquarium 5-K, 1-Mile
The Coney Island Brighton Beach Open Water Swimmers are hosting these swimming open water races of 5k and 1-mile. The course is a 2.5K loop between Coney Island Pier and the end of Brighton Beach. The start/finish will be on the beach in front of the NY Aquarium. Waves and swim direction will be determined closer to race date as they are subject...

Being Prepared For Your Swim Race - Third Time Ocean Racer Report
The Aviva Ironman 70.3 Singapore posters read "Being Prepared is Half the Victory." That resonated with me. Prior to leaving for Singapore, I knew I had done everything to prepare for the race and I was satisfied with my swim training efforts preparing for the open water swim leg of a 1/2 Ironman relay.

Overcoming a Swimming Challenge - Second Time Ocean Racer Report
Once we arrived, I saw the sea conditions. My fears were surfacing as each wave crashed and rippled towards shore. I made the decision to be a good role model for my child and conquer some fears. I was the first one at sign up for the 750M swim. I greeted everyone and voiced my anxiety over the rough seas; many had the same retort - I no longer felt I was going to be the inexperienced swimmer who…

10 Steps for Swimmers to Improve Open Water Swimming
As technical as the sport of triathlon and open water swimming can be, it is tough to narrow down the answer to the often-asked question, "what should I concentrate on to become better at open water swimming?" Here is a "top ten" list of steps for swimmers to improve their open water swimming. These could go a long way in helping you achieve...

First Time Ocean Racer Report - Believe in Yourself for Success
One of the swimmers I work with recently took part in her first real ocean race. Angela went through a lot to get to the start of the race (like a fear of swimming in the ocean). She did the work in the pool, improved her technique and her fitness, and even more important, improved her belief in herself as a swimmer. She is allowing me to share her race report from her first race with you.

Aaron Peirsol Helps Fund the Prize Purse for the 2009 Race Fo…
Seven-time Olympic gold medalist Aaron Peirsol announced that he would award $3,000 of his own money to the winners of his Race for the Oceans swim. The winners of the 1 km swim will win $1,500 each. Eric Shanteau, 2008 Olympian and cancer survivor, Brooke Bennett, three-time Gold Medalist, Brendan Hansen, four-time Olympic medalist, and Hayley Peirsol, World Championship Silver Medalist and prof…

Corpus Christi Open Water Festival September 26-27, 2009
The Corpus Christi Open Water Festival is an open-water swimming event, held at the Corpus Christi Municipal Marina with the Corpus Christ Yachting Center September 26-27, 2009, hosted by Gold Medalists Brendan Hansen and Aaron Peirsol.

Swimming Open Water - Grimaldo's Swimming Open Water Mile
This is a chance to do a swimming open water race near Coney Island. Who can do it? Experienced open water swimmers, or pool swimmers who've been toying with the idea of getting their feet "wet" in their first open water swim race.

Aaron Peirsol's Race For The Oceans To Be Held October 10-11, 2009
Olympic Swimmer Aaron Peirsol, the winner of seven gold medals in swimming, is hosting the second annual "Aaron Peirsol's Race for the Oceans". This is an open-water swimming fundraiser, to be held at Fort Myers Beach in Fort Myers, Florida, October 10-11, 2009. Aaron Peirsol's Race for the Oceans raises funds and awareness for Oceana, a non-profit group established to protect and restore the world's oceans and for which Aaron Peirsol is a spokesperson.

Karen Reeder, US Open Water Swimming Connection
Karen Reeder

Liz Buckley
Liz Buckley

2008 World Open Water Swimming Man and Woman of the Year
These awards are not necessarily for the best athlete, but are meant to honor the man and woman who (1) best embody the spirit of open water swimming, (2) possess the sense of adventure, tenacity and perseverance that open water swimmers are known for, and (3) have most positively influenced the world of open water swimming in 2008.

Swimming The English Channel
Many reports on English Channel swims are from the swimmer's point of view. Joanne Fearon, in the support boat for Niall O Crualaoich's swim across the Englsih Channel, gives us a differnt perspective.

Live Updates From 2008 Beijing Open Water Swimming Test Event
The top swimmers in Beijing this weekend will fill the remaining spots available for the 2008 Olympic 10K swim. Only 25 men and 25 women will compete in the event’s Olympic debut, and 10 men and 10 women have already qualified via their performance in the 10K race in early May at the 2008 FINA Open Water World Championships.

Crippen, Fabian Win 2008 USA Swimming 5k Open Water Titles
Fran Crippen of Mission Viejo Nadadores won the men’s title today at the USA Swimming 5K Open Water National Championships in Fort Myers, Fla. His time was 55 minutes, 54.5 seconds. Thirteen-year-old Eva Fabian of Greenwood Memorial Swim Club took the women’s race, finishing in 1 hour, 2 minutes and 6.2 seconds.

Open Water Swimming For Beginners
Open water swimming is a never ending adventure. Some of my favorite memories are from open water swimming: leaving from Catalina Island for the California mainland at 1AM on a windless moonlight night; open water swimming in tandem with my husband, Dave, silhouetted against the beautiful blue Caribbean water off the coast of St. Lucia. There is...

Aqua-Moon Adventures
Open water swim events

12th Annual St. Croix Virgin Islands Coral Reef Swim Features 4 Olympic Swimmers
The Coral Reef Swim, one of America's most successful swim competitions, will feature four well-known Olympic swimmers during its 12th annual race Sunday, October 21, 2007, in St. Croix in the US Virgin Islands. Amanda Beard, Rowdy Gaines, Misty Hyman, and Margaret Hoelzer are all planning to swim the 2007 St. Croix Coral Reef Swim.

A New English Channel Swimming Record for English Channel Swimmer Petar Stoychev
Swimmer Petar Stoychev from Bulgaria set a new swimming world record for crossing the English Channel on 24 Aug 2007. His time across channel via the Dover Strait, a distance of over 38 kms38.43 kms, was...

Northern Europe's Longest Annual Open Water Swim - the Inishbofin Challenge
For open water swimmers, an 8 mile swim in calm, warm waters along the shore of a sheltered lake could be considered a challenge. Now, drop the water temperature to 60F (16C) and add the unpredictable waves, wind and conditions of the North Atlantic. That challenge will draw top marathon swimmers from across the globe. James Pittar from Australia will join 30 other swimmers on 18 Aug 07 for Northern Europe's longest annual sea swim, the Inishbofin Challenge. By the way - James is blind.

Ned Denison and the 2007 Manhattan Island Marathon Swim (28.5 Miles)
Nearly three years ago I signed up to swim the English Channel. Failing on my first attempt in 2005, I went back two months later and battled across. 2006 saw me swim the Santa Barbara Channel and for 2007, well I do like a goal each year. As a student in New York City (1978-81) I remember hearing of the swimming exploits of Diana Nyad - but never imaged following her in the seriously polluted waters around Manhattan. But I did it...

Marathon Open Water Swim Report
Open Water Marathon Swimmer Ned Denison reports on his successful swim crossing from Santa Cruz Island to Santa Barbara, California. Swimming 20-miles in the open ocean is not for every swimmer, but Ned counts these kinds of swimming challenges as ones that he wants to face, along with other ocean and sea swims like the English Channel and the...

Sandycove Island Challenge Swim
The Sandycove Island Challenge is an open-water swimming race. It has been held annually at Sandycove, Kinsale, Co Cork since 1994. The course is from the slipway at Sandycove, around Sandycove Island and back to the slipway. The total distance is approximately 1,600m. If sea conditions are unsuitable on the day, a more sheltered course is...

My First - and Only - Swimming Invention
A 10 kilometer open-water swim. All I remember is the mind-numbing tedium and the relentless boredom as I swam, staring at the same tree with every breath I took. Stroke, breath, tree. Stroke, breath, tree. Stroke, breath, damn bloody tree... It started, as these things usually do, in the hot tub after a late night masters swim practice. I...

2006 Open Water Swimming National Championships
With their eyes set on the 2008 Olympic Games, some of the nation’s top distance and open water swimmers will compete at the 2006 USA Swimming Open Water National Championships, June 2-6 in Fort Myers Beach, Fla. 2004 Olympians Larsen Jensen and Kalyn Keller are scheduled to compete in the 10K event.

The Man Who Swam the Amazon (Book - Compare Prices)
Have you enjoyed following Martin Strel´s Amazon Swim and would like to hear more? You can get the background and the story in the book "The Man Who Swam the Amazon", a gripping and inspirational story of perservance, passion, and endurance what a human can do: a real-life odyssey of a rare and driven man.

Still Afraid to Swim in Open Water?
Paul Newsome offers more tips on how to overcome the fear of swimming in open water. One method is to focus on something else, to get your attention of of what you are afraid of and on to the swim.

Fear of Open Water Swimming
What happens when you start a triathlon or open water swimming race, with an unprecedented sea swell, chop, cooler than expected water, and about 800 other swimmers trying to clamber on top of you to get to the swim finish before you? How do you deal with those open water swimming distractions?

Pugh completes the Five Ocean Swim
British swimmer Lewis Gordon Pugh became the first person to complete a long-distance swim in all five oceans of the world on 27 January. Swimming in the Atlantic, Pacific, Indian, Arctic and Southern Oceans is a feat considered to be the Holy Grail of long distance open water swimming.

A look into the diary of an English Channel Swimmer
I started as the first of six 2005 Irish Channel solo aspirants to swim in July and I failed to get to France, pulled after 8 hours. The seas were rough, the skies dark, my feeding technique a disaster and I was dehydrated and suffering from hypothermia. I booked a 2nd swim the same September period as the last two Irish swimmers and set about repairing my dead left arm and putting in some different training.

British Swimmer About to Complete the 5 Oceans Swim
Fresh from his Antarctic success, British swimming sensation Lewis Gordon Pugh today (Monday, January 16) completed his fourth long-distance “5 Oceans” swim, leaving just one to go to make history.

British Swimmer Breaks Two World Records in Antarctica Swim
On the anniversary of Norwegian explorer Roald Amundsen reaching the south pole, British swimmer Lewis Gordon Pugh has plunged into the icy waters off the antarctic peninsula to smash the world record for the most southern long distance swim ever undertaken. Wearing only Speedo trunks, goggles and a swimming cap, Lewis swam 1 kilometre (0.6 Miles) in 0°c (32°f) water.

Carina Bruwer Breaks Record Swimming from Europe to Africa
Carina Bruwer today became the fastest female to swim across the Gibraltar Straits, from Tarifa Point in Spain to Morocco in Africa. She finished the 16km swim in 3h35, taking just two minutes off the previous record set by Indian swimmer MS Bula Chow.

Self-Confidence Doesn't Always Improve With Swimming Experience
With four open water swims under my belt, I figured I would show up for a Japan International Open Water Swimming Association race with a relaxed attitude and a calm spirit. I'm still trying to figure out why that didn't happen. I was more frightened and anxious then any other swim I had ever done.

Crippen, Sutton Named National Champions in 2010 Open Water S…
World Championship bronze medalist Fran Crippen and Olympian Chloe Sutton became the 2010 USA Swimming National Champions in the 10K Open Water race at today's Open Water National Championships in Long Beach, Calif. The win is the first Open Water National Championship for Crippen and third for Sutton ('06, '07, '10). The top two finishers in each event qualified to represent the USA at the 2010 …

Jamie Patrick Aims To Swim 240 Miles in 60 Hours
Over the last decade a unique breed of athlete has been making headlines around the world, pushing the traditional thresholds of what the human body can handle. These "Ultra" athletes are navigating 500 mile bike rides, 100 kilometer runs and continent to continent swims across shark infested waters.

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