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Hand Paddles, Kickboards, and Pull Buoys for Swimmers

Kickboards, hand paddles, and pull buoys for swimmers and there swimming workout.

Swimmer's Gear - Kickboards, Pull-buoys, and Hand Paddles for Swimmers

Rounding out swim training by using paddles, pull-buoys and kickboards is a part of many swimmer's daily workout routine. While some athletes own their equipment, many other swimmers use whatever is at the pool.

FAST Paddles from Tropical Penguin - The FAST Paddle is "For …

The folks at Tropical Penguin have a new swimmer's hand paddle that will scare some people. The FAST Paddles are intended to help a swimmer get better, but at first glance all you will think is "THOSE PADDLES ARE HUGE!" - you would be right. But there is a lot more to them (than just their large surface area) that will help a swimmer improve.

The Techpaddle Early Vertical Forearm Trainer for Swimmers

The idea behind the Techpaddles are that using them during slow and deliberate swims, muscle memory forms better technique habits. Swimmers learn to maintain an Early Vertical Forearm (EVF), also known as a swimmer's high elbow arm position or catch. Swimmers will develop better swimming technique. This will help them go faster, more efficiently, and get their form closer to that of an Olympian.

The Star Swim Paddle is no longer available

The Star Swim Paddle is no longer available
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