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How To Keep Ducks Out Of A Swimming Pool


Is there a foolproof method to keep ducks out of a swimming pool? Not foolproof, but there is at least one way that we have found to keep water fowl out of a swimming pool.

What is the biggest downside of waterfowl in your swimming pool? The big problem is the remains that the ducks leave, staining the swim pool bottom and the pool deck. It has been amusing hearing the stories from our customers about the various items they have used to keep the ducks away.

Our customers have tried many inflatable toys such as dolphins, sharks, people, and even snakes. Unfortunately, the ducks very quickly realize that these inflatables are no threat and are soon back in the pool. The same is true of rubber snakes and other creatures.

We have also seen several mechanical devices such as owls with wings that flap with the wind or noise makers. Again, the ducks may be scared away for a day or so but quickly return.

We have found that there is only one thing that can keep the ducks out of your pool and off your decks. It is a dog that will go in the water after them. If the dog will not go in the pool, the ducks will just swim around out of its reach. While some people may not consider this a fair trade-off it is the only thing that works.

IMPORTANT NOTE: If you do get a dog or have just gotten a puppy be sure to take it in the pool and teach it where the pool steps are located. This is important even if your dog is not inclined to go swimming. If your dog should fall in, it does not have the ability to pull itself out over the edge. Therefore it is imperative that you show it where the steps are. Also note that swimming pools with vinyl liners may be damaged by a dog's nails.

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