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Start and Turn Technique Tips

Tips to help you change directions when you reach the wall and to get you started at the beginning of a race.

Fixing a Problem with Flip Turns
Some swimmers extend their legs when arriving at the wall when doing flip turns. They do not pull their knees up. The turn looks more like a pike, and that can make flip turns slow and inefficient. Any advice on flip turns and this swimming problem?

Scoring Swimming Skills in Swim Practice
What if you could figure out a fun way to get swimmers to practice starts and turns at race speeds? How about scoring them?

Flip Turns Make This Swimmer Sick
A swimmer asks: While I do enjoy swimming, I have never learned to flip turn. Every time I try to do a flip turn, I get nauseous! I want to learn how to do good flip turns, so I need help. Any ideas on how I can stop the sick feeling I get when I try to do a flip turn?

Swim Start Technique for a Swimmer Starting Masters Swimming Training
Both toes forward on the start (swimming grab start), may get swimmers off the starting block a little quicker. One foot forward, one foot back, (track-style start), may get swimmers off of the block a little slower, but the swimmer might get further in the air. The end result seems to be that both starting techniques for swimmers work well. It...

Swim Turns, Part 1 - Open Turns
An introduction to open turns

Swim Turns, Part 2 - Other Open Turns - IM Switches
Swimming turns that can be used in the individual medley - IM - when switching from one stroke to the next stroke.

Swim Turns, Part 3 - Surfacing, or the Breakout
After you have done your swimming turn, the next step, before you begin to swim, is a breakout. Each swimming stroke has its own specific steps that transition from pushing off of the wall into swimming, and those steps make up the breakout.

Swim Turns, Part 4 - Freestyle Flip Turn Basics
Heading into the wall, somersaulting, and pushing off that wall - the basic flip turn. Wow! Looks neat. But is it necessary? The flipturn (or flip turn if you prefer) may not be necessary, but it can make your swimming a little faster ans more fun.

Swim Turns, Part 5 - More on Freestyle Flip Turns
Swim to the wall. Turn around. Swim to the other wall. Turn around again. There are lots of ways to do that turn, but competitive swimmers all use flip turns - they are faster and, once learned, easier than open turns. I think they also give swimmers a little more confidence in themselves, and in their ability to hold their breath.

Swim Turns, Part 6 - Backstroke Flip Turn Basics
What is the fastest way to turn around if you are swimming backstroke and reach a wall? A backstroke flip turn.

The Beginning of All Swimming Races - The Swimmers Start
A great start to a swimming race can mean the difference between a GOLD and SILVER swim. So now how do swimmers go about improving their start so they can get ahead of the competition from the beginning?



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