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Cool Hot Swimming Pools

Swimming Pool Water Too Hot?


How can you cool down hot swimming pool water during extreme heat conditions? Not enjoying your swiming pool when it is as warm as a bathtub? How can you get your hot swimming pool water back to a cool and refreshing temperature? While dumping large blocks of ice into the pool may seem like a great idea, the cost is prohibitive and the effect is only temporary. There are other ways.

The easiest and cheapest way to cool your pool is to add a swimming pool water feature - put a swimming pool fountain in it. There are many types available which can connect to your pool's return line. By spraying the water into the air some of it will evaporate, drawing heat out of the rest of the water and thereby cooling it down. This is the same method employed by the old water cooling towers you used to see on top of buildings.

You will get the best effect if you run the fountain at night, taking advantage of the cooler temperatures that will also help cool the water. Yes, you will lose more water to evaporation than normal, but this will be a small price to pay to increase the enjoyment of your pool. The increased use of the pool can save on water by reducing the number of showers taken by the family with a net result of saving on water.

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