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Swimsuits and Swim Gear

Looking for swimsuits, swim wear, or swimming workout practice equipment and swim practice gear? Do you need a gift for a swimmer? What about a stopwatch to time a swimmer during swimming race or event? Computer software to help with swimming and swim meets? These will get you to what you need.
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Ultra Fast-Dry Towel - I Think of it as the Un-Towel
Ultra Fast-Dry Towel takes water off of you after you swim, but it is a lot more, and a lot less, than than a regualr old-fashioned towel.

Summer Solutions Swimmers Skin, Body, and Swimsuit Products (Review)
Summer Solutions skin, hair, and swim wear products do a great job of cleaning and protecting swimmers and swimsuits.

Swim Caps Part I - Cloth or Fabric Swim Caps
Swim caps are used by many swimmers. What kinds of caps are there and what are the differences?

Swim Caps Part II
Swim caps are used by many swimmers. What kinds of caps are there and what are the differences? Part II covers latex and silicone swim caps

The blueseventy Nero Swimmer's Gear Bag and Triathlete's Tran…
Blueseventy, better known for swim suits and wet suits, makes accessories for swimmers, too. I put their Nero Bag, a backpack gear bag, to test as a swim gear bag and as a triathlete's transition gear bag.

Share Your Swim T-shirt Slogan
Swimmers and swim t-shirts. Hard to have one without the other. I can remember seeing hundreds of different swimming t-shirt slogans at any one swim meet. Do you have a favorite slogan or t-shirt saying?

BowSwim Resistance Swimming Tether
The BowSwim is a swimming tether system that uses a telescoping pole anchored to a pool deck. Tethered swimming allows you to do a good swim workout even in a small swimming pool.

About - Paddles, Pull-buoys, & Kickboards
General pointers on picking some pieces of your swimming kit.

Favorite Swim Team T-shirt Sayings
Swimmers and swim t-shirts. Hard to have one without the other. I can remember seeing hundreds of different swimming t-shirt slogans at any one swim meet. Do you have a favorite slogan or t-shirt saying?

Gift Ideas for Swimmers and Other Water-Loving People
Looking for something special for the swimmer on your list? Some of these might be just what they need for their next trip to the pool or beach.

Gifts for Swimming and Swimmers of All Ages
Need to buy a gift for a swimmer? One of these may be the swimming gift you are looking for.

Recall of Children’s Arm Band Pool Floats Sold at CVS Stores
The recalled plastic inflatable arm band pool floats are bright orange on the outside and white on the inside with an inflation valve on each side. They are imprinted with a “Surf Club” logo, “CVS/pharmacy,” and “Caution: This is not a lifesaving device. Do not leave child unattended while in use.” When inflated, the arm bands measure about 8-inches long by 6-inches wide.

SuitJuice Wetsuit Lubricant - Help for Faster Triathlon Transitions
SuitJuice is a biodegradable, fragrance-free, environmentally safe neoprene "lube" that can help tri-geeks reduce transition times from the swim to the bike by up to 60 percent. No more fumbling or getting stuck in skin-tight neoprene; just spray, swim, slide, and ride.

Swimmers Gift Guide to Goggles, Fins, Swimsuits, and More
Looking for some swimming gear for someone? Goggles, swim fins, and swimsuits are a great idea, and some of these may help you find the right one for your swimmer.

Swimming Gadgets, Swim Tools, Swimmer's Toys, Swim Equipment, and Gear
There are hundreds of ways to do a swimming workout, and there are hundreds of things available to help you do it better, quicker, easier, or to make doing it more enjoyable. Most swimmers know about pull-buoys, kickboards, paddles, and swim flippers. But do you know about pools that never end, or paddles that analyze your swimming efficiency?

Swimming Inventions - The Dry Swim Trainer
This looks like an interesting swimming invention that could help many swimmers, beginer to expert, get better. The DrySwim Trainer teaches swimmers and triathletes to conserve energy and swim with "the body", not just the arms and legs.

The Fastlane Puts The Swim Back In Any Swimming Pool
The Fastlane Wall-Mount Swimming Machine by Endless Pools attaches directly to the wall of a swimming pool. The Fastlane produces a smooth, broad, adjustable-speed swim current in your pool that is wider than your body and deeper than your stroke - far superior to currents created by one or more jets. The swim unit is operated by remote control. And, because the Fastlane runs on hydraulic fluid, there is no electricity poolside.

About Fins and Flippers
Want to improve your kick strength, ankle flexibility, body position, and go faster during practice? Add flippers to your workouts.

Zommers Fins from Finis
The home of the premier swimming training flipper, they also make several other interesting training aids.

Force Fins
An interesting design that does work for competitive swimmers as a training aid, the best choice in their line is probably the Multi Force model.

From Finis, if you don't know what these are, you don't know fast swimming.

Swimmer's Gear - Kickboards, Pull-buoys, and Hand Paddles for Swimmers
Rounding out swim training by using paddles, pull-buoys and kickboards is a part of many swimmer's daily workout routine. While some athletes own their equipment, many other swimmers use whatever is at the pool.

FAST Paddles from Tropical Penguin - The FAST Paddle is "For …
The folks at Tropical Penguin have a new swimmer's hand paddle that will scare some people. The FAST Paddles are intended to help a swimmer get better, but at first glance all you will think is "THOSE PADDLES ARE HUGE!" - you would be right. But there is a lot more to them (than just their large surface area) that will help a swimmer improve.

The Techpaddle Early Vertical Forearm Trainer for Swimmers
The idea behind the Techpaddles are that using them during slow and deliberate swims, muscle memory forms better technique habits. Swimmers learn to maintain an Early Vertical Forearm (EVF), also known as a swimmer's high elbow arm position or catch. Swimmers will develop better swimming technique. This will help them go faster, more efficiently, and get their form closer to that of an Olympian.

The Star Swim Paddle
The Star Swim Paddle is no longer available

Should I use Paddles?
Learn if you should use paddles and if so, what size is best!

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