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Software for Swimmers and Coaches

Tools and software to help manage practices, meets, teams, and clubs and to have fun with swimming.

iPhone Swim Meet App - Android, Too

Big Fish Software has an iPhone swim meet app - and an Android swim meet app - that allow you to navigate meet results from Hy-Tek managed swim meets that post their results on-line.

My Swim On-line Training Log for Swimmers - Swimming Social Network a…

The "My Swim" on-line training log for swimmers has the feel of Facebook or Twitter (it can be linked to an existing Facebook account). It is a way to track your swimming on a social network designed for that purpose.

Accusport Lactate Analyzer

The only way to truly know a swimmer's lactate threshold.

Aquadyne Swim Trainer

Formerly called the "Power Reel" - this device allows for upper body specific training unlike swim fins and provides the smooth control needed use that subtle kinesthetic feel.

Club Assistant

On-line system to help teams manage memberships, meet registration, websites, mass e-mails - almost everything needed to manage the business end of a swim team.

Colorado Time Systems and Displays

In 1972, four Hewlett-Packard engineers got together to build a better swim timing system. They succeeded!

Cool Coach Software

The Cool Coach is a tool for writing workouts, plan seasons, and individualize training plans and workouts for each athlete.

Daktronics Displays

Daktronic Timing System Displays


Offers an "easy to use" meet manager and a team manager program. A downloadable trial version is available. Windows


A useful and complete "suite" of programs for managing meets, teams, swim club business, and workouts. Very widely used in the USA. Evaluation editions are available. Windows

International Sports Timing

Timing systems, displays, meet management - IST has it all.

Lab Software Associates

This company has a variety of programs, from a team managing program that includes time tracking, billing functions, and team member tracking functions to a meet program that features an automatic, USS rules compliant, "missed touch pad correction" function. A demo version is available. Windows

Natalog Swim Meet Results and Top Times Software

Natalog swimming software allows: coaches to track their team's results; swimmers to track their own swims; parents to track their children's results; or dedicated fans to track the results of their favorite teams.

Parametrix Swimming Software

Collect and analyze swim performance data and design peak performance seasonal and weekly training plans like a pro.


Looking for help with balancing your pool's chemistry? This program is just what you need.

Science Sportsware Training Diary

A very complete training diary program, including heart rate data.

Science Sportsware

Training programs for cycling, running, rowing, or triathlons. A downloadable demo version is available, also several freeware programs for runners. Windows

Splash Software - Meet and Team Management Programs

Swim Meet and Swim Team Management programs as well as a meet entry and meet result viewer applications with multiple language support. Downloadable demo versions (Entry and Result Viewer are full-function, free programs). Windows

Swim 2000

ALGE-Timing and Software has a complete system, from software through false start detectors.

Swim Log Software for Swimmers

A Windows based program for swimmers, parents, and coaches to track a swimmers race times and training in yards and meters. It lets you compare where you are now to your best times, to goal times, and to time standards. It also lets a swimmer look at a goal time's splits. With a free free, fully working trial version for download, the program is worth a look.


SwimShark is software for swimmers. It is designed to keep you organized and on top of your swimming career. It's as intuitive to use as it is powerful. SwimShark is loaded with features that are useful to competitive and non-competitive swimmers and comes with a very lightweight price tag.

SwimStat Software

A swimmer tracking/database program for parents, featuring pool length conversion, trend graphing, USA Swimming standards, and best time reporting functions. A downloadable demo version is available. Windows

TeamUnify, Advanced Swim Team Management Web-based Software

This web-based software helps manage swim team billing and dues collections, grow and manage team membership, get or improve a website presence, and communicate more effectively with swim team members.

Water Polo Playbook

Water Polo Playbook is a coaching tool, which helps coaches design and distribute their own plays and drills. Windows

WinSwim Swimming Software

WinSwim Swimming Software features English and Spanish versions of swim team management software, swim meet management software, and a SDIF checker for help with USA Swimming's data exchange format. Downloadable trial versions available. Windows
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