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Improve Your Swimming With This 8-Week Training...
If you are a novice swimmer looking for a swim workout plan, this may be the perfect plan for you to get started with swimming workouts. It is an 8-week swim workout training plan to move you toward improved swimming fitness.
Make Swimming Goggles Anti-Fog
Pre-treated anti-fog swimming goggles can be expensive. There are many ways to keep your googles from getting foggy; try some of the five listed here.
18 Swimming Workouts to Build Up to 500 Meters
Want to get a swim workout routine going, but think you are a weak swimmer and won't be able to do it? If you can swim four 25 meter or 25 yard lengths of a pool, then you can use this swim training plan to build up to a workout that totals 500 meters or 500 yards of swimming.
How Often Do You Really Need to Swim?
How many times each week does a swimmer need to swim? The first thing a swimmer needs to do to answer that question is to ask another one, why are you swimming? What is the main reason or primary goal of your time in the water? Do you swim to relax, or are you swimming for fitness? Maybe you are doing it for more than just fitness, you are swimming to do swimming races, or to do a triathlon? Here are some of my suggestions on how often you should swim.
How to Plan a The Depth and Size of a Swimming...
Planning on building a swim pool? The shape and size of your swimming pool should be determined according to the type of usage the swimming pool will get - recreational, competitive, or both.
Ways for Parents to Sabotage a Child's Swimming...
Some parents must internally delight in the idea of sabotaging their child's swim career. My list of means and methods - and some positive alternatives.
Is Swimming the Best Way to Lose Weight?
Is swimming the best choice for a way to lose weight? No doubt, swimming is good exercise, and you can burn calories when you swim, but swimming may not be the best choice to get rid of those extra pounds.
How Swimmers Can Gain Strength Training Out of...
Sport specific work is the best way to get better at that sport. But what else can you do? Flexibility exercises, plyometric work, swimming while wearing weights, and resistance training are some of the options. One example of resistance training is weight work aimed at adding strength and speed to your stroke. Dryland training for swimmers can be very beneficial.
How to Pick The Right Size Pump For Your...
How can you pick the right size swimming pool pump? Here are some tips to consider.
How to Get Started in Swimming
Want to be a better swimmer, or swim competitively, but aren't sure about the next step to take? Here are some things to keep in mind as you dive in.
Draining a Swimming Pool May be a Bad Idea
While it is possible to affect most repairs to your swimming pool underwater, there are circumstances that necessitate draining. You should not attempt this unless it is absolutely necessary and you are thoroughly familiar with the steps necessary to do this safely. Draining your pool can cause serious damage to it's structure. Why is it dangerous to drain a pool? Let's explain this by the type of pool and the damage that can occur.
How to Change the Sande in Your Swimming Pool...
How often should the sand in a swimming pool filter be changed? We recommend changing the sand every five years. Filter sand has been ground to a size of .45 to .55 mm in diameter and is very rough when new. This roughness is what makes the sand efficient at filtering out the particles of dirt in your water. As this roughness is smoothed out your filter's efficiency goes down. This means that your system has to run more frequently to accomplish the same task.
How To Find And Repair A Leak In Your Swimming...
How To Find And Repair A Leak In Your Swimming Pool
How to Lose Weight with Swimming
Swimming may not be the best form of exercise for weight loss, but it can play a part in a losing weight.
What Are the Health Benefits of Being a Swimmer?
What is good about being a swimmer? Is it healthy? What are the benefits? Learn what is good about being a swimmer!
How to Service A Swimming Pool Filter's...
The multiport valve is a swimming pool systems most important piece of equipment. The multiport valve, Vari-Flo valve, backwash valve, or filter control valve. Some of the problems caused by a malfunctioning valve can be water leaking out of the backwash line, dirt returning to the pool when vacuuming, and water that never clears up.
What's the Best Type of Filter for Your...
There is a lot of confusion about various swimming pool filters, and many different opinions. Here are a few facts to consider. The first is that a pool water can be properly maintained with any of the filter systems available: Sand, Cartridge, or Diatomaceous Earth. Which one is right for your swimming pool?
How to Treat Swimmer's Ear at Home
When swimmers come across the itchy, annoying and painful symptoms of swimmer's ear, it can result in a trip to the doctor's office for a round of prescription antibiotics and painkillers. But what some people don't know is that many of these doctor's visits don't have to be the first line of treatment. There are some things you can try at home. If symptoms do not get better within a few days - or if they get worse - get to the doctor!
Swim Caps Part II
Which one is better? The differences between latex and silicone swim caps, and how to care for them to extend their useful life.
Swimming Lessons - Should Scared Children...
Should a scared child continue swimming lessons? Many parents are quick to take the easy way out when the child doesn't like something right away, like swim lessons. They think
How Are Time Standards Used in Swimming?
For those of you familiar with time standards, like USA Swimming Top-16 Based Time Standards (B, BB, A, AA, etc.), this is nothing new. For those of you not familiar with them...
How Not to Let Your Legs Sink When Swimming...
Ever feel like your legs are sinking when you swim freestyle? Do you have to kick a lot to keep your legs from dragging on the bottom of the pool when you are swimming freestyle? Sinking legs when swimming freestyle is usually due to one of two things (or both).
Mirrored Goggle for #Swimmming - Considerations
The most important goggle factor is fit. You will need to try out several googles, including mirrored goggles to find your match.
What to do When Your Swimming Pool Cover Falls...
Here are some tips that can help make the job of getting your swimming pool cover out of the pool and getting your pool ready for swimming easier.
How to Become An Olympic Swimmer
So you have Olympic Swimming dreams? GREAT! Not many make it, but if you never try, you never will! The first step is to get swimming. You could join a local swim team with your park and recreation department, school, YMCA, or a USA Swimming club.
How Best to Keep Your Pool Clean
Ever wonder which automatic swim pool cleaner to buy for your swimming pool? Ever buy one, only to have to bring it back and say it wasn't working right? If you answered yes to any of these questions, hopefully by the end of this article you'll have a better understanding of which pool vacuum is right for your swimming pool. With all the vacuums on the market, how do you decide? Let's start off by explaining the different types of swimming pool cleaners and what the pros and cons are of each.
How To Prime Your Swimming Pool Water Filter...
Knowing proper pool maintenance is necessary for a healthy and well functioning pool. Learn how to prime to the pump for your swimming pool.
18 Horrible Swimming Valentine's Day Pick-up...
Become a romancer with your new 18 swimming Valentine's Day pick-up lines?
Sample Daily Workout for an 8 Week Swimming...
[Enter Descripton Here], from your About.com Guide
Lap Swimming Etiquette
When you go to the swimming pool, follow these lap swim etiquette rules to help make your workout and swimming mesh with other lap swimmers.
Swimming Pool Safety
Staying safe around the swimming pool is not hard, but pool owners and users must be diligent.
How To Open Your #Swimming Pool For The Summer
Are you ready to open your pool for the summer? Make sure you are ready to open the pool with these 14 tips!
10 Tips to Improve Your Swimming Skills
This to do list of 10 ways to swim better could help any swimmer improve his or her swimming.
How to Stop a #Swimming Pool Leak
There are typically one of three causes of pool water loss: leaks in the plumbing or in the shell, or excessive evaporation.
My Swimming Question - Why Do You Swim
Why do you swim? What gets you to the water - and into the water? What is it you enjoy about swimming? You must know this answer for lifelong enjoyment!
Should I Drain my Inground Swimming Pool?
A reader asks: I'm attempting to drain my inground plaster swimming pool for the first time. This is my first swim pool and I don't know that much about swimming pools. Our swimming pool expert's advice on draining swimming pools: Don't do it - here is why...
How to Improve your Freestyle Swimming Technique
A swimmers guide to performing several freestyle technique improvement drills to help make a swimmer's freestyle swimming faster and improve swimming efficiency. Learn how to improve swimming technique to swim faster and more efficiently by watching a video of freestyle swimming technique drills.
How to Breathe When Swimming Freestyle
The most common question I hear in the triathlete world about the mysteries of swimming efficiently usually involves something with breathing. In freestyle, it is the first step to get your body position right. Then, for many, you throw in breathing and everything goes haywire!
How to Remove Stains From a Plaster Swimming Pool
Large stains covering a high percentage of the swimming pool plaster surface are usually from chemical reactions. These tips are for smaller, concentrated stains, a few inches or less in size. A small stain is usually caused by a metal object being left on the bottom long enough to rust and leave a stain.
Dunking Infants and Babies - Swim Lessons and...
Should baby swimmers or infant swimmers be dunked as part of a swim lesson? This is a common question parents ask about swimming lessons for their swimmers.
Are you Guilty of these Common Breaststroke...
The breaststroke is one of the most common strokes in swimming, which means it is easy to make mistakes. Are you guilty of these common mistakes?
How Much Water Should You Put In Your Swimming...
Ideally you should keep your swimming pool water level between one third and one half the way up the opening of the pool skimmer.
How to Winterize or Close Your Inground...
Winterizing a pool is essential for keeping the pool protected during the harsh cold weather. Follow the steps of winterizing a pool.
Build Your Swimming Workouts to 1,500 Meters or...
class="no-js" itemscope itemtype="http://schema.org/Article" > itemprop="description" >Want to get swimming
How Working Out With Flippers Can Help Your...
Swimming with fins is a way for swimmers to improve kick strength, ankle flexibility, body position, and go faster during a swim practice. Fins (or flippers) come in hundreds of shapes, colors, fastenings, and sizes; different fins will do different things for (and to) you.
Swim "The Twelve Days of Christmas" Swim Workout
This swimming workout is a holiday special, counting down from 12 repeats to 1 repeat. We do a set like it the day before Christmas.
How Often Should I Clean Swimming Pool Filters?
How often should I clean the swimming pool filters? Great question! The answer can vary from filter to filter, but a general guideline on any swimming pool filter is to take a reading when the filter is clean, then clean it when the pressure rises about 10 psi.
Teaching Swim Lessons for PreSchool Swimmers
Key points in swimming lessons for three and four year olds, such as: Male learning like play; sandwich your corrections with compliments.
Can you handle the spring #swimming challenge?
Start with longer fast swims and stay fast as they get shorter. Swimmers, can you meet the Sprint Swimming Challenge? Try he Sprint Swimming Challenge
Swim Lesson to Teach Swimmers the Back Float
Having problems teaching your young swimmer how to float on their back? Learn how to teach a young swimmer how to float on their back in no time!
4 Skills That Will Help You Swim Faster
The first steps to fast swimming are positioning, grabbing, pressing, and rotating, things that everyone can learn. Here are tips for each.
Teach Yourself How to Swim Breaststroke
Breaststroke can be a relaxing, restful stroke, or it can be fast and furious, burning a lot of calories. You can learn to swim breaststroke by teaching yourself how to swim breaststroke.
How to Smooth Wrinkled Vinyl Swimming Pool Liners
While there are some chemical conditions that can cause a vinyl swimming pool liner to wrinkle, wrinkles most often occur in a previously unwrinkled swimming pool liners during the winter, when the swim pool is closed and the water level is lower. How can you get the wrinkles out of your vinly swimming pool liner?
Open Water Swimming For Beginners - How To Begin
Swimming in open water is your goal, where to start? I will assume that you already know how to swim. If not, take some lessons, join a YMCA or a masters swimming team and learn the crawl or freestyle. There are a few things that you can do in the pool to prepare for swimming in open water; bilateral breathing, head lifting and stroke rate training. Page 2.
Catch-up Drill - Better Swimming by Using Drills
To be a better swimmer, you need to improve your swim technique and you need to improve your swim fitness, two key elements of good swimming (you probably already realized they were needed!). Getting better at either could improve your swimming speed. Getting better at both could improve swim speed and efficiency. The catch-up drill is one of the many swimming drills that can be used to help a swimmer learn better freestyle (some folks call it front crawl) swimming technique.
Swim Training for a Half-Ironman Distance...
The swim leg of a triathlon (sprint, Olympic, half-Ironman/Ironman 70.3, or Ironman distances) could be the easy part - or the hard part - of the triathlon. It depends upon your swimming ability; a combination of swimming skill and swimming fitness. A shorter triathlon might require more swimming speed, a longer triathlon more swimming endurance, but no matter what the distance, swimming skill or technique, swimming endurance, and swimming speed all play a part in a successful triathlon.
How To Clean Swimming Pool Hand Rails and Swim...
You may have noticed your swimming pool handrails or ladders corroding or rusting. All steels can rust or stain depending on what chemicals they come in contact with. The stainless steel grades used in swim pool rails and ladders are fairly impervious to swimming pool water that is in balance. However, unbalanced water chemistry and some other causes (poor electrical grounding, pouring chemicals near the rails, etc.) can stain or rust them.
How to Swim Freestyle
A basic guide to help you teach yourself how to swim freestyle.
Overview of Olympic Swimming Rules
Swimming at the international and Olympic is governed by FINA (Federation Internationale de Natation). FINA also governs water polo, diving, synchronized swimming, and masters swimming. What are the basic rules for Olympic Swimming Competition?
How To Change Your Swimming Pool Water Pump Motor
Unfortunately there comes a time in your life as a swimming pool owner when you are faced with replacing your swim pool water pump motor. This may be due to the bearings wearing out so that the motor is making a tremendous racket, or the motor won't run because it is burned out. Changing the motor is not difficult and can be done by the average pool owner provided you are comfortable working with electrical wiring.
How to Swim the 200 Fly
Learn how to swim the 200 butterfly.
Ear Ache from Swimming - Swimmer's Ear
Does your ear ache after you swim? Learn why your ear may ache and some methods for reducing each aches and swimming!
What to do When Your Swimming Pool Lights Don't...
Do I have to drain the swimming pool to fix my pool lights? You shouldn't need to empty the swim pool. Follow these steps and you may be able to repair the swim pool lights yourself. If in doubt, call in a professional electrician.
18 Swimming Workouts, Building From 500 to 1,500
A training plan of 18 swimming workouts, building in workout distance from 500 to 1,500 meters or yards. Page 2.
Sample Template for an 8 Week Swimming Fitness...
[Enter Descripton Here], from your About.com Guide
Distance Swim Workout - 4,000 of Fun
If you are ready for a long swim workout, this one is for you, swimmers!
Swimmer's Ear Prevention with Ear Plugs
Swimmer's ear can be so painful that some swimmer's cannot train until it is healed. Why not prevent it before it happens?
Swimming Pools With Chlorine Can Cause Asthma
There are credible researchers telling us that chlorine has some very serious health consequences when used as a sanitizer in swimming pools. The obvious question is why hasn't the swimming pool industry adopted alternative technologies on a much more industry-wide basis? After all, Ozone technology for swimming pools has been in regular use for over 50 years in places like Germany, France and other European nations. Page 4.
Simple Strength Training for Swimmers
Weight training and dryland exercises can be used for many things, including injury prevention, rehabilitation, gain strength, build general or specific fitness, or to cross-train to improve abilities in other sports. Many training programs seem too complicated to follow. You may get discouraged, almost before you start. If this has happened to you, then perhaps you'll give this weight training program a try.
Kick Workout to Wipe Out a Swimmers Legs!
Trying to find a workout that focuses on kicking? Can't find a kick set hard enough for your strong legs? Try this one.
Recovery Swim Workout
Easy workouts are needed to balance hard workouts. These easy workouts help you build muscle, recover, and swim faster later.
How To Clean Your Swimming Pool Cartridge Filter
The proper way to clean your cartridge pool filter consists of three steps. Rinsing the loose dirt, soaking in a cartridge cleaner, and rinsing again. This cleaning method is also excellent for diatemacous earth (DE) filters at the end of the season.
How to Swim Butterfly
You can teach yourself how to swim butterfly if you take it step by step.
What is Olympic Swimming?
Olympic swimming is one of the oldest and most popular Olympic events. Here's a look at the seventeen events, the equipment, and the medals.
How to Get Those Pesky Leaves Out of Your...
Many times we have heard the complaint that it takes too long to scoop out the leaves from the swimming pool. Upon investigation, we find that the swim pool owner is using a Leaf Skimmer to scoop out the leaves. No wonder it takes the pool owner so long! There are three simple things you can do to speed up the removal of leaves from your swimming pool.
Warm-up for Your Swim Workout
Warming up for your swim workout is an important part of your swim training. It gets you ready to swim at your best for the main part of the workout.
How to Count Your #Swimming Laps or Yardage
When you swim, do you count your laps? How far have you swum? How do you do count swimming laps or lengths? Here are tips for counting your laps.
Improving a Swimmer's 100 Freestyle
How did Alexandre Popov manage to become the world's fastest and most efficient human swimmer? The basic thrust of his program was that stroke efficiency - not training speed, hard work or power - was the #1 goal.
Your Guide to Choosing Competitive Swimwear
Competitive or fitness swimmers often need advice on selecting, sizing, and fitting swimwear. While appearance may not be as compelling an issue in competitive swimwear as it is in fashion swimwear, its fit and functionality are still just as important, if not more important. Odds are you have had some unanswered questions and concerns when choosing swimwear. Here are some tips on shopping for and fitting competitive or fitness style swimwear.
What Should Swimmers Eat Before Meets?
What should your children eat before their next swim meet? What is good swimming nutrition? Here are a few ideas for swimmers and their parents.
How Quickly Can a Child Learn to Swim?
class="no-js" itemscope itemtype="http://schema.org/Article" > itemprop="description" >How Quickly Can
Swim Better Tips - Look Down, Kick Right,...
Looking for swim drills that work for you or your swimming technique? Try different ones to see which you like, and which you do not. You may find that the ones you like the least are the best ones for you to use. Here are a few that might help you improve your freestyle swimming skills.
Learn the difference between cloth and fabric...
The differences between latex, silicone and fabric swim caps (common Japanese swim caps), and how to care for swim caps to extend their useful life.
What's the Difference Between Olympic Swimming...
Many college swimmers will represent their counties in the Olympic games. The strokes that are swum in a college swim meet are the same ones that are swum in the Olympics. What's the difference between college swimming and Olympic swimming?
Want To Be A Better Swimmer? Then Swim More...
Many swimmers want the next best workout or technical tip when in reality, just swimming more frequently will help most!
Fun 50s Swim Workout for Swimmers
A swim workout with an emphasis on 50s at different swimming effort levels.
Six Yoga Moves for #Swimmers
Yoga will improve your performance and power every time you get in the pool.
Why Do My Eyes Sting When I Swim?
Have you ever had stinging eyes after swimming and think the swimming pool must have too much chlorine in it? The problem is probably not enough chlorine in the swimming pool, resulting in excessive levels of chloramines.
#Swimmers, Get to Practice!
Getting to each swim practice is tough, but mandatory. Make sure you get to practice and be a better swimmer!
Pulling A Light Fixture Out Of The Swimming Pool
If, after turning on the pool light switch, the GFCI trips, the most likely cause is water inside your light fixture. If the GFCI doesn't trip and the light is off, you probably have a burned-out bulb. In either case, you must now proceed to pulling your light fixture out of the pool. Page 2.
Freestyle Flip Turns for Swimmers
Heading into the wall, somersaulting, and pushing off that wall - flip turns. Wow! Looks neat. But is it necessary? Flip turns (or flipturns if you prefer) may not be necessary for swimmers, but flip turns can make your swimming a little faster and more fun.
4 Overall Fitness Workouts For Swimmers
These swimming workouts cover 5-weeks of swim training aimed at improved fitness and speed in the swimming pool or in open water. You can subscribe to get them e-mailed to you.
100 IM Swim Workout
This workout uses 100s, 200s, and 50s of IM work to help you get better at all four strokes - swimming and turning.
10 Reasons to Use an @endlesspools for #swimming
Athletes, coaches and trainers use Endless Pools for targeted training and improved performance.
Designing a High School Swim Team Season...
Coaching a high school swim team can be a challenging task. One way to make it easier is to use a season training plan. A season training plan provides ways to maintain a swimming program direction of continued development, forecast and prevent potential difficulties from occurring, forecast weaknesses, and establish a way to overcome those weaknesses. Let's take a look at some ways to put together a season training plan for a high school swim team.
The History of Controversy and Scandal in...
From swimsuits to drug use, Olympic swimming has had controversies. Michelle Smith, Dawn Fraser, and entire countries have been involved in scandals that have, in small or large fashion, tarnished swimming.
Freestyle Swimming Hand Entry Position
Where does a swimmers hand enter the water during freestyle swimming?
Should Flotation Devices or Life Jackets Be...
I received an angry phone call from a parent:
How to Swim Backstroke or Back Crawl
Steps you can follow to teach yourself how to swim backstroke, from body position to full backstroke swimming.
Learn to Swim Freestyle on Your Side
Learning freestyle on your side can enhance your awareness and skill in the pool. Learn more about how to swim free on your side.
Top Ten Swimming Tech at 2016 CES
Here is the list of the Top 10 Swimming Tech at the 2016 CES.
Weight Lifting Routines for Swimmers - Phase A
Weight Lifting Routines for Swimmers, Phase A, from your About.com Guide
Stretching Routines for Swimmers to Increase...
Stretching has a few possible benefits, but where should you begin? If looking for a stretching routine, start simple and listen to your body!
Distance per #Swim Stroke Ideas
How can swimmers get more with less? Learn how distance per stroke influences performance and how you can swim more with less effort!
Michael Phelps, the Greatest Swimmer of All Time
Is Michael Phelps the greatest swimmer that ever was or ever will be? Take a look at his accomplishments and you decide!
5 Reasons why Swimming Isn't One of the Hardest...
See the 5 reasons why Swimming Isn't One of the Hardest Sports!
Yoga and Swimming - A training secret you...
Yoga and Swimming - Guest Author and swimmer Haley Cope
Healthy Nutrition and Diet Advice for Swimmers
Specific guidelines on what to eat before, during, and after exercise for swimmers and other athletes. Page 4.
Swimming Lessons for The Terrible Two's -...
I just got off the phone with my dentist, who called for some advice on her two year old swimmer's swimming lessons. She said,
A General Guide to Motivation and Adult Swim...
Learn how to help adults swimming and how they differ from children with all the tips for teaching adults how to swim
Flip Turns for Everyone!
Swim to the wall. Turn around. Swim to the other wall. Turn around again. There are lots of ways to do that turn, but competitive swimmers all use flip turns - they are faster and, once learned, easier than open turns. I think they also give swimmers a little more confidence in themselves, and in their ability to hold their breath.
Swimming and Shoulder Injuries
Learn about the various causes of swimmer's shoulder and how to improve these injuries!
Teaching the Butterfly Kick - A Swim Lesson Tip
When teaching a swimmer that has never butterfly kicked before, I have found that most of the competitive drills only make learning more difficult.
How to Build Up Your Swim Training Distance for...
There are many ways to train. How would you build up your training for a longer swim, like a 3 mile open water swim? This is one way you could do it.
Diaphragmatic Breathing Exercises Techniques...
A look at diaphragmatic breathing exercises for swimmers. Page 1 of 3.
Dry Your Ears After #Swimming With the...
Many swimmers have problems drying their ears after a swim, sometimes leading to swimmer's ear. The ClearEars water absorbing ear plugs work.
#Swimming Distance per Stroke and Swim Stroke...
How many swimming strokes a swimmer takes for a distance, and how fast you take them, makes a difference in your swim training and swimming races.
Get Ready for a 1500 Meter or 1650 Yard Swim
A common long distance or open water swim is the mile (1,650 yards) or 1500 meter swim. A mile is really 1,609 meters or 1,760 yards, but in many swimming races
Swimmers Want to Kick Faster
Are you looking to be a faster kicker for your swimming? Learn how to kick faster with these tips for improving your swimming kick!
Swimming Backstroke in a Straight Line
I have a backstroke swimming problem. When I swim backstroke I am not swimming straight - I am a crooked backstroke swimmer. I need help!
How to Get Rid of Reoccurring #Swimming Pool...
Learn why swimming pool algae reoccurs and how to eradicate swimming pool algae.
Pros and Cons of Private Swim Lessons
Are private swim lessons the most beneficial way for kids to learn how to swim? Let’s take a look at the pros and cons of private swim lessons.
Olympic Water Polo Rules & Officials
What are the rules of water polo, and who enforces them? Water polo is played as a 6 on 6 game plus goalkeepers, so each team has 7 in the water at a time. How long is a game? Each water polo game is made up of four, 7-minute, quarters. Total squad size is 13 players. If there are less than 6 swimmers in the water, a team does not have to have a goalie.
Does Swimming Build Muscle?
Learn 3 mechanisms which build swimming muscle and learn if your workouts are building or losing muscle!
A Swim Training Plan for a Half-Ironman...
This plan is 14-weeks long. You could jump into it further down the list if you are already at that fitness level, but experience has shown that it works best by starting at the start! You do not have to do the workouts within a week in the order listed, but you should always get the first three workouts accomplished each week. Workouts #4 and #5 are good to do, but if you run out of time drop them off the to-do list for that week. Page 2.
How Swimming Can Cause Back Pain and How to...
In many cases, swimming can be a very helpful exercise for back pain sufferers. Athletes commonly become injured, and swimming is a great way to keep active since it usually does not put excess strain on a swimmer's back. However, that’s not to say that swimming can’t cause back pain or injuries as well.
Swimmers Hair Shampoos, Conditioners, and Skin...
Swimmers can get green hair and dry skin from long exposure to the water or chemicals while swimming. These shampoos, conditioners, and skin care products should help swimmers combat the damage done by the pool - they fight swimmer's hair and dry skin caused by swimming.
Swimming Goggles Aegend Review
Find which goggles work best for you! The Aegend goggles offer an elite and affordable goggle option!
Swimming Gadgets, Swim Tools, Swimmer's Toys,...
There are hundreds of ways to do a swimming workout, and there are hundreds of things available to help you do it better, quicker, easier, or to make doing it more enjoyable. Most swimmers know about pull-buoys, kickboards, paddles, and swim flippers. But do you know about pools that never end, or paddles that analyze your swimming efficiency?
Swimmer's Shoulder - An Overview of Swimmers...
Swim coaches frequently encounter swimmers complaining of pain in one or both of their shoulders. This pain is often associated with swimming freestyle, and seems to occur most often in the swimmer’s anterior shoulder region, but could also occur in other shoulder regions. When reported by swimmers, this pain often termed swimmer's shoulder, and can limit or stop training and hinder performance. Page 2.
Faster Swimming the Easy Way - Streamlines
There is really no easy way to become a faster swimmer, but you can use streamlining techniques to help increase speed without a lot of extra energy.
Learn why swimmers shouldn't stretch their...
Do you stretch your shoulders or recommend your swimmers to stretch their shoulders? Learn why swimmers shouldn't stretch their shoulders!
Learn how to improve your triathlon swimming...
Looking to jump in the open water? Learn these 10 tips for improving triathlon swimming technique
Build your swim workouts from 1,500 to 3,000...
Learn how to build a swim workout from 1,500 - 3,000 meters to yards swimming and enhance your swimming today!
Swimming Stroke Length, Stroke Rate and a...
Most swimmers will, at one time or another, count how many strokes they take per length and aim to reduce the number of strokes by focusing on such elements as catch, pull through, and body rotation. This is an excellent way to improve your economy and efficiency through the water.
Swimmer's Dryland Exercises for Developing a...
How important is an Early Vertical Forearm in swimming? It is undoubtedly the most important propulsive element in swimming and unfortunately for most swimmers, it also the most elusive. The bad news is that all the streamlining and effective conditioning won't make-up for a dropped-elbow, the antecedent of an EVF. The good news is that coaches have new EVF equipment and know more about how to train swimmers so they can acquire and improve this critical skill.
How to Swim the 50 Freestyle
class="no-js" itemscope itemtype="http://schema.org/Article" > itemprop="description" >This is the first
How to Determine Your Threshold Swimming Pace
In the swimming pool, how do swimmers know how fast to swim to get the desired training result? This depends on what result you want emphasized - anaerobic or aerobic metabolism. All swimming has some element of each, with aerobic work's contribution increasing as the distance being swum increases. What kind of swim test can you do to find your aerobic swimming paces? Page 2.
Aqua-phobia, or Fear of the Water
A fear of water. A non resourceful state, negative feeling, an unwanted reaction, a pattern of behaviour experienced by an individual, which prevents the swimmer from learning a water skill or freely entering a mass-volume water environment such as a swimming pool, sea, lake, ocean, or river.
Top 3 Core Exercises for Freestyle and...
Checkout these 3 core exercises for improving your freestyle and backstroke.
3 Gluteus Exercises to Wake up a Swimmer's Butt
Swimmers have under active gluteus minimus muscles, potentially increasing their risk of injury on dryland.
Sleeves or Sleeveless Wetsuits for a Triathlon...
Pondering if you should use a wetsuit with or without sleeves? Learn the differences between these two wetsuits and which one you should use!
An Inexpensive Way to Make Your Concrete...
Is the finish of your concrete pool looking stained and blotchy? Did your pool have a white finish that now looks like a stormy sky? There is an easy and inexpensive way to make it look new. Coat it with a cement waterproofer.
Swimming Pool Stabilizer Levels
Learn why a high stabilizer level is bad for a pool and what to do with a high stabilizer level
Functional Movement Screen (FMS) for Swimmers
Learn if the FMS is applicable for swimmers.
See if you cut it to be a SEAL.
The Navy SEALs are the epitome of physical health and stealth. Could you hang? You are physically fit, but can you swim like a SEAL?
Tempo Training in Swimming
Do you use a tempo trainer to enhance your swimming performance? Learn how to best use this device and improve your swimming
Go Time - Swim Workout for Swimmers
Looking for a swim workout with a few sprint swims in it? This swim practice has a lot of easy and moderate swimming, then throws in a few short fast swims to spice things up.
Swim Slow And Steady Or Mix Your Swimming...
I am now swimming over 1-hour at a relaxed pace. Once in a while I mix up my swimming speed in the pool for 5-10 minute increments.
Swimming Speed and Swimming Efficiency
Swimmers want to swim fast or swim more efficiently. To swim fast means swimming a distance in less time. Swimming more efficiently means swimming in the same amount of time, but at a lower energy cost.

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