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Reader Stories: Have a good swimming story? Don't keep it to yourself!


Swimmers, do you have a funny, motivating, or entertaining story to share? Tell your swimming story to rest of the About Swimming community.

I Lost 7 Pounds within 3 Months by Swimming

I would normally alternate swimming with land exercises but due to my weak knees I had to discontinue jogging and for the last few months I have been focussing on swimming. Thankfully I have noticed …More

my first meet ever

i was a freshman and i was supposed to be swimming the 100 freestyle that day, and was absolutely petrified. it was my first year swimming and my first swim meet and my first event, but i had a good …More

Working to Get to the State Swim Meet

I'm a sprinter and I was on a horrible swim team that let you do whatever you wanted and didn't motivate you. I had a 29.87 on my 50 fr and I wanted to go to state with it. My coach (who was actually…More

Never give up

After swimming these times with a not-so-great-coach, my parents wanted me to quit and do something I would be better at. I decided to do one more year (I didn't make Districts my first year.... but …More

Learning from a DQ

At sectionals, I was in lane 7 and there was an official standing right over my lane at the far side of the pool. I had a good start, and my pace was good. At the 25, I turned, did 8 kicks on my back…More

First Meet Fears

I had to swim the 50 free and was scared to death. My goal was basically to survive. This meant get in the water with goggles intact swim to the other end, hit the wall and come back. As this was my …More

What (not) to Wear

While at nationals, a swimmer on our team was changing in the locker room after a prelim swim of the 200 butterfly. About ten feet down the row a World Champion swimmer was changing. The story you as…More

Doing More Than Thought Possible

it was right before the high school boys left for their season. We were doing a set of 15 x 100's on 1:30 in the Pool (25 M). For most of the set I was holding around 1:15's(1:07Y), then with three t…More

Don't Be a Complacent Swimmer

After 7 years of swimming meets at the Schroeder YMCA pool, I felt relatively comfortable on their blocks (which happen to cover less than a square foot, 30" above the water). I was pumped for the 20…More

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