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Readers Respond: 2012 Olympic Swimming Medalist Guesses!

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Don't be shy, share your guesses at which swimmers will go home as Olympic Swimming Medalists after the 2012 London Olympic Games.

laurie clews

I think Fran Halsall will be the female star of the whole games mainly down to her great confidence and determination. I expect her to win every solo event she enters.
—Guest USfan

Men's 400 Freestyle

Jessie Khing Lacuna will win this one.We'll Bring Home The Gold!
—Guest IlovePh

Women Backstroke and 200 FREE

Laure Manaudou on the podium for backstroke, and Camille Muffat for 200m freestyle
—Guest Frog


What about a South Africa winning an event or 2 or 3? You do not show one in the top 3! You will get mud in you eye for that come Olympic swim time!


200 back Sinead Russell from Canada will be on the podium.
—Guest Madiswimmer

Women's 100 Back

Natalie Coughlin or Missy Franklin. Take it to the bank.
—Guest Joe

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