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Readers Respond: Ways to Make Your Swimming Goggles Anti-Fog

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Goggles are practically as required as a swimsuit for lap swimming. But if your swimming goggles do not have built-in anti-fog, or your swimming goggles' anti-fog wears out, what do you to make your swimming goggles into anti-fog swimming goggles?

Wide-i, Magnetic Fog Wiper

This is a must for any swimmer. It’s a little magnetic wipers where I slide a magnet on the outside of my goggle, causing the inside magnet to move in unison and wipe off fog. Highly recommend, and I love it!

shaving cream!!

It sounds silly, but just squirt a dime-sized drop of whatever shaving cream you use into both lenses in your goggles, and wipe it out with a dry washcloth. It works everytime!!(:
—Guest erin

Saliva works every time all the time

I've used saliva in the pool, in lakes, in the ocean. Works best all the time.
—Guest Philippe

spit on the goggle

use your saliva just before jumping into the pool and wash it clear and the glass beceomes anti-fogging
—Guest victor

antifog goggles

best, chepaest, and more practical method is to put saliva in the goggles and spread it with a finger. It may sound disgusting, but it is the best antifog ever!
—Guest avejes


I purchase anti fog solution to spray on my goggles.. it works fabulously.. I purchase it from any place that sells swimming supplies.
—Guest Elizabeth

Myriad of ways to anti-fog

I've tried everything; toothpaste, baby shampoo, dishsoap,spit, anti-fog chemicals, nothing seems to work ALL the time. Its as though the conditions dictate if they will get foggy or not.
—Guest Shermanator

Anti-fog method

Mostly I use saliva but this doesn't last very long, I've also bought Arena Anti-fog drops but they didn't work well for me. The best method is to leave a tiny amount of water in your goggles - when they fog up just shake your head and like a windscreen wiper your vision is clear - you just need to experiment with the amount of water so it doesn't irritate your eyes when you turn to breath.
—Guest Michael


Rub baby shampoo inside the goggles and then rinse with water. They stay relatively fog-free for a long time.
—Guest Coach Kate

How to make your goggles anti-fog

Mix equal parts rubbing alcohol and water and a few drops of detergent into a small spritzer bottle.
—Guest Anti-Fog Your Goggles

I use SeaGold

I use the SeaGold gel, which was designed for scuba diving. Just a little drop in each lens before a workout or open water swim lasts hours.
—Guest Steveo


Concur 100%...Anti-fog for dive masks is a very bad idea for swim goggles...I am proof of that!! After almost a month, still having problems with my vision.
—Guest Anti-Fog

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