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Readers Respond: Favorite Swim Team T-shirt Sayings

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Swimmers and swim t-shirts. Hard to have one without the other. I can remember seeing hundreds of different swimming t-shirt slogans at any one swim meet. Do you have a favorite slogan or t-shirt saying?

T-shirt slogans

"Work while it hurts, not until..." "You listen with your eyes" "If you think you're in control you're going too slow" "Vindictiveness is the essence of a competitor" "Lead by doing" "There is no I in TEAM" "Don't take the CL out of CLASS" "Make your mother proud and surprise your father" "Be a GIVER, not a TAKER" "Save Your Fork" (Dessert comes at the end of the season) "It's not what you do, but how you do it" "TEAM-Together Everyone Achieves More" "The harder I work the more luck I have" These and 100's more in the book; GAMES-GIMMICKS-CHALLENGES for Swimming Coaches.
—Guest Bob Steele


my favorite thing in life is swimming. swimming is harmony and balance. the only normal and beautiful thing in the world
—Guest boehml2013

Swim Team Slogan

I created something for our growing swim team, it says "We build our tradition on stroke at a time"...it is on a cool poster, will share that image with anyone who wants it... email me at jeff @ eqminvest.com
—Guest Jeff

Lots of slogans

There are a bunch of swim t-shirts on this site http://www.swimteamwarehouse.com at least 50 or so designs. SwimOutlet also has them.
—Guest Quest

For parents of swimmers

My tee reads, "If I have but one day to live, please take me to a swim meet because they last forever!"
—Guest Laurie

T Shirt Slogan

I have just made this one up on the spot Pull Breathe Kick and glide thru life
—Guest Celtic Robbie

Tshirt slogan

Cant beat a BOLT; Swim Hard. Go Places; Now you see me now you BOLT; Get ripped not whipped; We've got big balls (med balls that is); I swam 500k before 7am; Eat my Turbulence; We're raising the bar so we can bring it down on you
—Guest rod barratt

Best Girls Team Shirt Saying:

"Cheat on your boyfriend, ....not on your workout!"
—Guest PHS Swim Team

These Are My Favorites

for instant speed, just add water shut up and swim eat my bubbles
—Guest lona

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