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Readers Respond: Share Your Freestyle Swim Drills to Improve a Swimmer's Swimming Technique

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Swimming drills are are specific movements, done repetitively, to get your technique "in the groove." They can help you get more efficient and they can help you become a faster swimmer. Generally included in all workouts, most coaches feel that you can never do enough technique work. Do you have favorite swim drills to share with other swimmers, or ways that you have improved on common swimming drills?

breast stoke swimming drills

please any one there help to get me breast stroke drills so that i improve on my stroke

Freestyle Drills to Improve Swimming Te

These drills are fantastic, my learners really enjoyed them. They all loved the catch up with passing an object between strokes. I think of the years I trained with out these drills, thanks Mat for your help.
—Guest helen pye

coach kenya

would like to get more tips on competative swimming drills and workouts plus beginners
—Guest coach david warambo kenya


10x25yds. Breaststroke(warm-up) 10x25yds. Freestyle 10X25yds. Kicking with kickboard 10x25yds. Freestyle, large kicks from the hip 5x25yds. Side Roll, breathe and glide wo fins 5x25yds. With fins
—Guest laima

The kick

Watch total immersion on youtube. Amazing techniques!
—Guest Total Immersion Fans

swim drills

all strokes drill's to improve swimming seed and stroke and technique.
—Guest v.ramesh kumar

(Proper) Catch-up

Whilst swimming freestyle, hold the outstretched arm in place (in front) and allow the other one to catch up to the outstretched position before pulling. Touch hands to make sure you're doing it properly and not cheating. Then repeat with the other arm, as you would do with normal freestyle. In essence, you are doing a pull with each arm, while the other in place out straight in front of you. Try to keep the outstretched arm parallel to the water surface and not lower it whilst the other arm is pulling.
—Guest Dude

Thunb-Tip Drag

Bend your elbow and keep it high. With your palm facing behind you towards your feet, stick your thumb down and draft it along the surface of the water. This drill helps keep your hands and elbows in the proper position at the hand entry.
—Guest Dennis Siudut

Catch-up drill

In order to do this drill you need two people. One person has to jump in the water and the other person has to wait 10 seconds and then you have to jump in and try to catch up with that person. You would have to decide the length that you want to swim.

Starts - Underwater - Tempo

STARTS - UNDERWATER Six Second Breakouts – Start kids from every block at some point in every practice and then blow a whistle at SIX seconds. Swimmers stop on the whistle and see how close they got to 15 meters. Since world class swimmers get to 15 meters in 7 seconds or less from a start and under 10 for a push-off they need to work toward the goal of 15 meters in 7 or 10 seconds. Swimmers should try different fly kick combinations; big/fast, small/fast, on side/fast, and start big/fast and finish small/fast. The other thing to determine is the number of kicks that are optimal and then use that number of kicks during every practice training set along with gear that forces it to be done properly. 15 Meter Starting Contest – In an effort to stress the importance of great streamlining on starts and push-offs in addition to just what is best for every individual have the team set-up teams in lanes. Each lane should have boys first so boys race boys and the girls follow so girls’
—Guest Bob Steele

Big paddles

To super-emphasize a high elbow catch, swim with big paddles. I mean really big, like kick-board size! One paddle for each arm, held sideways. Now when you pull, the buoyancy of the kickboard will force you to have a high elbow early catch, and the size of the paddle will emphasize how the forearm should be held vertically to push water back rather than down. This will only work with larger adults whose forearms are long enough to reach across the board and allow the elbow to bend. Go slow (out of necessity).
—Guest fullcommitment

5 Point Freestyle (Refined Level)

Target Group: 10-15 y.o. in the "refining stage of development" 10X125's - aerobic rest interval (short) 1st 25 focus is body alignment & body balance 2nd 25 focuse is on kick alignment, depth & limb movement characteristic 3rd 25 is on body rotation (emphasis on rotation while maintaining body alignment of kick with trunk) 4th 25 is on alignment of hand entry in front of shoulder or Position 11 5th 25 is on HEP1 on recovery with HEP2 on catch to mid pull
—Guest bjlback

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