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Readers Respond: What method do you use to count your swimming laps?

Responses: 19


Each lengths

I count each length, one by one in ascending order, though sometimes in descending order--and I invariably loose count! So not necessary a good method. I sometimes count by 100s too.
—Guest Annie

Call me old-fashioned, but...

I use a written workout (I write them on index cards that I keep in a ziploc bag at the side of the pool), but for longer sets I rotate a hand paddle or kickboard that I've put at the side of the pool. For example, if I'm doing 8 x 100m, I start with the kickboard right-side up "pointing" towards 12 o'clock. After the 1st 100, I'd turn it to point to 3 o'clock, then 9, then back to 12. That's 4 x 100, or halfway done. Repeat and it's 8 x 100. I can pretty easily keep count up to 100m, but sometimes I forget which repetition I'm on. Knowing my general times also helps, of course, as does splitting up sets into easy-to-remember chunks--for example, doing 12 x 50m as 3 50s of each stroke rather than doing all 12 free.
—Guest Betsy


I count laps by 2, 2-4-6-8-10-12. Then 2-4-18-8-10-24 Then 2-4-30-8-10-36 Half M ile.
—Guest Marsh

I use a dedicated swimming watch

I use a Poolmate swimming watch that counts laps automatically for me, it is the original from from swimovate.com, but other manufacturers have developed similar devices since. I like it a lot. Think of it like a bicycle computer or a step counter for swimmers
—Guest Marcellino

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