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Readers Respond: What method do you use to count your swimming laps?

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  • When you are doing a swim workout, you probably count your laps or how far you have swum. How do you do it? Share your counting method with other swimmers.

    Count with alphabet

    I count with letters of the alphabet. First length is A, then B, etc. If i am swimming 500 then i swim to T. as i swim eachlength, i think of words beginning with that letter. Friends, people, fruit and vegetables, etc.
    —Guest Pat

    Counting laps

    I don't like to stop between laps to physically count using beads or some other method. So I use an outline in my head: Set A, lap 1, 2, 3, 4; Set B, 1,2,3. Sometimes I have to count like this: Group 1, Set A, lap 1,2,3, etc. It works pretty well as long as I'm paying attention and don't get distracted. (To remember, I make sure to count "out loud" in my head after each lap. This helps.)
    —Guest Martha

    Timex Lap Watch

    I don't swim multiple laps as of yet. Even still, I would continually forget and lose track. I swim single laps about 50 times with 30 second breaks in between. At the start of each swim and break, I tap my lap button on my Timex watch. As it counts it gives you the current lap number, and I just divide that by 2.

    How I count laps

    I count a up and back as one, 8 or 9 trips is a 4th of a mile.32 laps is 1 mile
    —Guest Mary

    I swim sets

    I swim sets. I predetermine how many yrds or mtrs. I want to reach and break them up into different activities ie Crawl 600, pull 600, bfly kick 600 etc. This way I only have to count to 20 and I count each length of 25.
    —Guest Fred Mitchem

    Odd/Even 1-2-3-4

    I count in groups of 4, because four laps (or lengths) equals 100 yds (or meters) and each length is an odd number, or an even number so keeping the counting system small cuts down on mistakes. So if I'm swimming 1500, I count 1-1, 1-2,1-3, 1-4 (100 done), 2-1, 2-2, 2-3, 2-4 (200 done), 3-1, 3-2, 3-3, 3-4 (300 and so on). If I lose track of a lap, I only have to think about in which direction I'm swimming to know whether it's an odd or even lap.
    —Guest Carolyn

    Counting Swim Laps

    I take the average time it takes to complete one lap and then divide that into the total time of my swim.


    I count by 100's but break it down each 25 for example: 1,2,3,1=1st 100 then 1,2,3,2 then 1,2,3,3, then 1,2,3,4 then 1,2,3,5 then 1,2,3,6 so if I am doing a 1000 set I would stop at 1,2,3,10
    —Guest Brian

    I use rubber bracelets

    I use rubber bracelets. I put rubber bracelets in the left hand and each tab I pass it to the right side.
    —Guest Elza Castro

    High tech counting

    I have an Oregon Scientific Swimming Watch (http://www.swimoutlet.com/product_p/18933.htm?color=9602) and it works great! I've had it for about two years and it's extremely reliable. I also keep count in my head and the counts usually coincide, except when I lose count when someone talks to me or other reasons, then the watch always comes to the rescue!

    Sport Count finger counter

    I'm on my second basic Sport Count counter. I put in on my forefinger and slide my thumb over to hit the button. I only count laps, not lengths. I've found it's much easier than reaching over to a watch to find and then hit the button. Now I can let my mind go, listen to my tunes on my Finis SwimP3, and concentrate on other things than which lap am I on.
    —Guest hawkmd

    I use a swim watch + count laps in 10s

    I've used both the Swimsense & Poolmate and in additon I also count laps in blocks of 10s
    —Guest Simon

    by 2s

    Count laps in 2s, so swim out and back for 2, then back for 4, back for 6...
    —Guest cc

    Count yards

    I count each 25 yard length of the pool: 25, 50, 75, 100, 125 etc. 25 and 75 are in one direction and 50 and 100 in the other. I don't have much trouble keeping track.
    —Guest Georganne

    Use the timer function on my timex

    I found out that the easiest way to keep track of my swimming is by using my Timex Ironman's timer function. I set the timer on my desired send-off time and the watch will count the repeats. Works pretty decent. For laps i just count in my head but would consider bringing an aid when doing long distances like 1500 :) .
    —Guest Swimgearblog

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