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Guide Picks - Top 10 Hand Paddles
Adding paddles to either swimming or pulling can increase speed and feel, making some stroke flaws more obvious. They also add an extra load to the workout, which can result in improved conditioning - or an injury. Swimmers must complete each stroke with good technique and listen to their body. If something hurts, stop!
1) Finis Freestyler
This paddle has a unique keel designed to maximize extension and initiate rotation; great for freestyle, but not the other strokes. Comes in a "Jr." size, too.
2) TYR Catalyst
Very popular paddle, designed to decrease shoulder stress but still allow the benefits of using paddles.
3) Speedo Training
The one that started it all for Speedo - simple, adjustable, and available in a variety of sizes.
4) Han's Traditional
The most versatile paddles available. There are 2 different positions for crawl stroke technique instruction and for training (plus one additional position for special backstroke drills).
5) Dream
These have a built in computer to track your power, stroke cycles, set times, and calories used.
6) Han's Groover
A flexible paddle to offer improved feel for hand pressure and stroke grooving.
7) Strokemaker
Strokemakers are available in a variety of sizes to add more work to your pull workout.
8) Finis Sculling Finger Paddle
Great for breaststroke and sculling drills, helps to increase the feedback from stroke movements and water pressure.
9) Speedo Swim Foil
Swim smarter, not harder. Designed to improve stroke technique, these paddles have a unique curved design that is more hydrodynamic and creates greater propulsive force than conventional paddles.
10) Fulcrum Paddles
Fulcrum paddles let you push harder, safely. They can be moved very easily from the entry position down to the catch position. Once you reach the catch position, you can push very hard, very safely.
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