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Dryland Workouts for Swimmers

Ways to exercise out of the pool to help you improve your strength, stamina, or endurance for swimming.

About - Getting Stronger Outside of the Pool
Sport specific work is the best; if you want to be a better swimmer, then swim! But how can you make additional gains when you have maximized your swim time? One way is to do weight work aimed at adding strength and speed to your stroke.

About - Simple Strength Training
Many training programs seem too complicated to follow and you may get discouraged almost before you start. This program may be the one for you.

About Strength Training for Children
Elizabeth Quinn, About.com's Sports Medicine Guide, on  weight lifting programs for children.

Alternative Weight Room Workouts for Swimmers and Triathletes
Pool time can be tough in the winter. Not only are outdoor pools shut down, but many indoor pools are inundated by hordes of children and/or water aerobic partipants. Indoor lane swimming can go from a smooth, relaxing exercise to an dangerous obstacle course of kids and floating toys. For swimmers and triathletes, it can be effective to turn to...

Simple Strength Training for Swimmers
Weight training and dryland exercises can be used for many things, including injury prevention, rehabilitation, gain strength, build general or specific fitness, or to cross-train to improve abilities in other sports. Many training programs seem too complicated to follow. You may get discouraged, almost before you start. If this has happened to...

Swimmer's Dryland Exercises for Developing a Swimmer's EVF Catch Technique
Swimmer's Dryland Exercises for Developing a Swimmer's EVF Catch Technique

Swimmer's Dryland Exercises for Developing a Swimmer's EVF Catch Technique
How important is an Early Vertical Forearm in swimming? It is undoubtedly the most important propulsive element in swimming and unfortunately for most swimmers, it also the most elusive. The bad news is that all the streamlining and effective conditioning won't make-up for a dropped-elbow, the antecedent of an EVF. The good news is that coaches...

Guide Review - Weight Training for Triathlon by Ben Greenfield
A great weight training guide for triathletes that also can be used by swimmers.

Does Dryland Training Hurt Swimming Performance in Young Comp…
A study in the June, 2010 issue of the on-line Journal of Sports Science and Medicine looked at strength and sprint swim speed differences in a group of 12-year old swimmers. Some interesting results!

Swimmers Stretching Before Your Swimming Workout
How many times have you seen swimmers stretching before they get in the pool? I can't count that high! Should all this stretching be taking place?

Stretching Routines for Swimmers to Increase Flexibility
Most swimmer's workout and swimming fitness routines, including ones that I like to use, include regular stretching to increase or maintain a swimmer's flexibility. Why should a swimmer stretch? What does flexibility do for a swimmer when they swim?

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