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Hair and Skin Care for Swimmers

Ways to win the swimming fight against green, brittle hair and dry skin for swimmers.

Mission Sunscreen from Amanda Beard
A group of athletes, including Olympic swimmer Amanda Beard, have founded a skincare product company, Mission. I got a chance to test two of their sunscreen products and found both to work as promised.

Top Swimmers' Hair and Skin Care Products
Swimmers can get green hair and dry skin from long exposure to the water or chemicals while swimming. These shampoos, conditioners, and skin care products should help swimmers combat the damage done by the pool - they fight swimmer's hair and dry skin caused by swimming.

poolHead Hair Care Products for Swimmers - Shampoo, Condition…
poolHead hair care products for swimmers includes anti-chlorine shampoos, a hair conditioner, and a pre-swim treatment called the invisible swim cap. Used alone or together, poolHead hair care products for swimmers did a great job keeping swimmers' hair soft, manageable, and even started to reverse some swimming-related dry hair - chlorine hair - green hair damage.

Sunburn Protection for Swimmers - Suntan or Sunburn Can be Controlled
Swimming outside without getting burned can be a challenge. Between meets and workouts, you have to find the products that work for you. It might be a cream or lotion, or maybe the clothing you wear between events. It could even be your suit; some swimwear provides offer protection from the sun.

Kiefer Swimscreen Dermal RX Lotion for Swimmer's Dry Skin
This lotion is intended to help swimmers and the dry skin that results from swimming. It uses a blend of silicone, UREA, and other ingredients to to moisturize and protect a swimmer's skin.

Kinesys Sunscreen for Swimmers, Triathletes, Kid and Adult Athletes
Don't want a sunburn? Looking for good protection from the sun? Kinesys offers sunscreen products designed for athletes. They are easy to put on, they stay on, and they work. Oil-free, alcohol-free, water-resistant, sweat resistant, and available in SPF's from 15 to 30+, in spray-on, stick, and lotion, Kinesys sunscreens also lets your skin breath and sweat. This is a great product for swimmers, triathletes, and other athletes that need protection from the sun. Avoid the burn!

Touch Out Sports Shampoo and Conditioner for Water Sports
A very mild scent was the first thing swimmers noticed when reviewing Touch Out Sports shampoo and conditioner. After multiple uses, the swimmers felt the products worked as well as any others they have tried in regards to keeping their hair moisturized, manageable, and free from the after-swim-workout chlorine smell.

About - Hair Care Products for Swimmers from Ultra-Swim
A line of products for swimmers designed to keep your hair the way it was meant to be - unless you mean it to be green.

TRISWIM Anti-chlorine Shampoo, Conditioner, Body Wash, and Lotion for Swimmers
TRISWIM products for swimmers overcome many of the harmful effects of swimming pool water or swimming in lakes or oceans. Swimmers can use the shampoo and conditioner to fight green hair, swimming pool chlorine residue, and dry or damaged hair. TRISWIM body wash and TRISWIM body lotion moisturizes and removes that chlorine smell. The TRISWIM product group gets 5-stars from my tests.

About - Hair Care Products for Swimmers
Hair care products that help keep your hair safe from the green!

About Skin Problems
The About.com Guide to Dermatology is one resource for those of you suffering from water related skin problems.

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