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Triathlon and Other Swimming Sports

Triathlon, Modern Pentathlon, water aerobics, fin swimming, free diving, and underwater hockey all use some elements of swimming but most of them don't always use a swimming pool the way it is used in the Olympic sports, and some don't use a swimming pool for their swimmers at all.
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Watersport What Sports Do You Do for Fun or Fitness in the Water?
What is watersport (or water sport)? Sports you do in the water - of course. Think of the word watersport and often swimming or boating comes to mind, but there are many, many water sports in the world of watersport. Here are a few of them.

Pugh Wins 500-Meter Swim at the World Winter Swimming Championships
The World Winter Swimming Championship 500-meter swimming race, in an ice-pool cut from the frozen estuary of the Oulu River in Finland - with the water at zero degrees C - was won by Lewis Gordon Pugh. Pugh is no stranger to cold water swimming.

Swim Dream Comes True for Navy Captain
Hobbies are common among individuals. Some people collect stamps while others prefer mountain biking. But to earn special recognition for your hobby is something that most strive for. For Navy Capt. Colin G. Chinn, director of medical services at U.S. Naval Hospital Okinawa and winner of an invitation to the 2002 World Aquathlon, his hobby of swimming has given him new opportunities others may only dream about.

Underwater Hockey
The complete guide, from the Underwater Society of America.

Underwater Rugby
Yes, it exists - this is a complete guide, from the Underwater Society of America.

Free Diving - Underwater Society of America
A snorkeler is often looked upon as a second class citizen aquanaut. In reality, snorkeling with repeated breath hold descents (free diving) is an art which precedes scuba diving by hundreds if not thousands of years. Free diving fulfills the same needs or desires as scuba, most importantly, of being in the water.

Freediving from Deeper Blue
"Take a deep breath, you've found the premier website for Freediving."

Aqua Jogging or Water Running Primer
An introduction to aqua jogging in the swimming pool. Great for an injured runner.

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