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The Best Swimming Pool Filter - What Does Best Mean?

Define Best for Swimming Pools!


Now with that background, which swimming filter is best? I often use this question to gauge who I am talking to in a pool store. Just ask: "Which swimming pool filter is best" and then listen for the answer. There is only one correct answer to that question: can you please define best? If the answer is any of the three, someone is trying to simply sell you something.
  • If you want bulletproof - sand is a great choice.
  • Low maintenance would lead one to cartridge.
  • The cleanest water might lead you to DE.
  • All three types of swimming pool filters work.
  • You can add a little DE to a sand or cartridge filter to increases its ability to filter small particles.
  • Flocculants can be added to the pool water to create big particles out of small particles (think - flocks of birds are easier to see).
  • Cartridges that become fouled can be replaced.

My recommendations? I would go with a high-end cartridge filter for my swimming pool. The reason is that no one really wants to have another item on the to-do list and good cartridge filter can last a season. Be sure that you:

  • Plumb a line into the drain port with a ball valve, so that you can bypass the filter when you are vacuuming the pool to waste.
  • Use a little DE powder (1 or 2 coffee cans full in the skimmer) to really polish the water or just add a flocculent every now and then.
  • Take a look at the filter housing design. You may want to consider how easy the filter is to access and clean.
  • Keep in mind that the more square feet of cartridge, the less often you touch it.
  • Never use a car wash wand to wash the filter. A hose with a sprayer will work fine.

Happy Swimming!

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