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Rules for Swimming

Help with swimming rules and swimmer's time conversion for swimmers, parents, coaches, and officials.
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  2. Governing Bodies (22)

Swimming Time Standards Explained
For those of you familiar with time standards, like USA Swimming Top-16 Based Time Standards (B, BB, A, AA, etc.), this is nothing new. For those of you not familiar with them...

Disqualifed Swimmers - Use DQs to Improve Swimmers
What a coach, swimmer, and parent do when a swimmer is disqualified makes a difference to a swimmer's growth. Looking at DQs in a positive way can lead to future success.

End of the Supersuit Era - FINA Changes Swimsuit Rules
This is the official press release from FINA on swimsuits (and a few other things) from 24 July 2009 FINA Bureau meeting in Rome. It lays out the direction for new swimsuits rules in terms of material (textile) and shape (knee to navel for men, knee to shoulder straps for women). It also changes the way the rule sits within FINA, maiking it part of the by-laws so it can be updated easier.

New 2009 Swimsuit Rules from FINA - Taking Back the Swimming Pool
FINA (the guys that make the rules for the world of swimming) met in Dubai 12-14 March 2009. What did they decide at the meeting? A lot, including approval of video-replay for stroke judges and the Dubai Charter, which is amendments to the FINA Swimwear Approval Procedures.

What Does it Take to Get Swimwear Approved by FINA?
FINA is the international governing body for swimming (pool and open water), diving, water polo, masters swimming, and synchronized swimming. They write the rules regarding swimwear - swim suits, swim caps, and goggles - that can be used in competitions like world championships or the Olympics. If a swimwear manufacturer wants to produce a swim...

FINA Rules
The complete book of swimming rules upon which all other rules are based!

US Water Polo
The complete rule book and rule interpretations.

USA Swimming
Rules, tests, interpretations, handbooks - resources for officials or anyone that wants to learn the rules and how to officiate at a meet, from USA Swimming.

USMS Rules
An on-line version of the official USMS rule book. They may be viewed with a browser or downloaded.

More About the United States Olympic Committee (USOC)
The USOC is recognized by the International Olympic Committee as the sole entity in the United States whose mission involves training, entering and underwriting the full expenses for the U.S. teams in the Olympic, Paralympic, Pan American and Parapan American Games.

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