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Safety and Swimming

Swimming pool safety and other related topics for swimmers, parents, swim coaches, swim pool owners, and lifeguards, including lifeguarding and lifesaving information.

Parents can Prevent Childhood Drowning - Safer Swimming for your Child
Nonfatal near drowning can occur in seconds, causing brain damage that may result in long-term disabilities, including memory problems, learning disabilities, and permanent loss of basic functioning.

Pool Safety Tips from the U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission
The USCPSC has some excellent tips on pool safety on their Pool Safely web site. Take a look at them here.

CDC 2010 Report on Unhealthy Public Pools and Need for Increa…
Unhealthy pools are more common than you may think. Newly released data from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), underscores the importance of protecting yourself and your family at the pool this summer. The CDC reports a disturbing statistic: About 1 out of 8 public pool inspections conducted in 13 states in 2008 resulted in pools being closed immediately due to serious code vi…

How Clean is Your Swimming Pool?
Have you gone to the local swimming pool and found it to be a disappointing mess? A little dirty? Sparkling clean? What are your experiences at the local pool, and how have you addressed them? Do you know what's in your public pool? Findings from a recent survey show that when it comes to public pools this summer, watch thy fellow swimmer closely!

Almost Half of Users Admit Unhygienic Swimming Pool Behavior - Ways t…
Do you know what’s in your public pool? Findings from a recent survey show that when it comes to public pools this summer, watch thy fellow swimmer closely! Rather than worry about the availability of lounge chairs, lockers, and food and beverages, swimmers should be thinking more about basic questions of pool water cleanliness.

About Pool Safety Tips for Parents
According to the U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission, an estimated 260 children under five years of age drown each year in residential swimming pools and spas.

ARC - The American Red Cros
The American Red Cross

Chlorine, Swimming Pools, and Breathing Problems In Swimmers
Chlorine in pools leads to breathing trouble in trained swimmers, regardless of past history of such problems, and the likelihood increases with the amount of chlorine used in the water.

Drowning Deaths in Minority Communites and Among Minority Children
Unless children receive proper water safety and swimming lessons, pools, water parks and even bathtubs can be dangerous. According to the CDC, the drowning rate in the US averages nine people per day. More than 40% of those deaths are in communities of color. Startling, considering that studies show minority children actually have less exposure...

Drowning Statistics
The National Center for Injury Prevention and Control lists some of the startling facts on accidents in and around the water.

International Lifesaving Federation
The world wide locator for life saving organizations and competitive events for lifeguards.

Lifesaving Resources Inc.
A starting point for stories and case studies to help train and educate you and your staff.

Lifesaving Society
Canada's life guarding experts (in both French and English), this is the place for working the pools and beaches in the North.

Olympians to Host Make a Splash Day for Atlanta Youth in December 2008
Olympians Cullen Jones, Eric Shanteau and Brooke Bennett will teach over 200 Atlanta-area children about the importance of water safety at “Make a Splash Day,” on Friday, Dec. 5. The event is being held in conjunction with the 2008 ConocoPhillips USA Swimming Short Course National Championships at the Georgia Tech Aquatic Center. The event will feature a series of activities including a free swim clinic and meet-and-greet session with the Olympians prior to the night’s exciting finals sessions.

Safe Swimming Program Guidelines for Infants and Toddlers
What to look for in a program designed to keep your infant or toddler safe around and in the water; from SwimBabes.

Safety Turtle Swim Alarm System - Protect Your Child
A toddler can drown in the time it takes to answer the phone. The Safety Turtle is a personal wireless alarm system designed to protect young children from drowning or serious injury in backyard swimming pools, lakes, and other water hazards. Unlike other alarms that are triggered when a person enters a swimming pool area, the Safety Turtle system goes with and safeguards the child wherever he or she goes.

Summer Swimming Workout Tips
Summer often means a change to workout schedules, with more being done in the morning hours, and much of that being done outside. While workouts include a warm-up and a cool-down, the cool-down in summer does not always do enough to keep you from having some heat related slow-downs to performance.

Swimming and Safety in the Swimming Pool
Swimming pools have always been thought of as a means of fun and thrills. We think of our swimming pools as an escape for relaxation. Entertaining guests with a poolside bar-b-que makes for a wonderful time. However, parents who have infants and young children must be aware of the potential danger that is presented in places where water is...

U.S. Lifesaving Association
"The official web site." for beach lifeguards and open water rescuers.

70% of African American Children, 58% of Hispanic Children At…
Fear, lack of parental encouragement and personal appearance among major factors preventing children from learning to swim; pool access and financial constraints play a lesser role - so says a 2010 study commissioned by USA Swimming and conducted by the University of Memphis, exposing some alarming statistics for many of our nation's children.

Ryan Lochte out of the Charlotte Grand Prix ... Future of Injuries in Swimming
Injuries in Swimmers

Ethnic Disparities in Unintentional Drowning
Drowning, a major problem in children!

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