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Swimming Pools - Design, Build, and Maintain

If you own or plan to own a swimming pool these tips could help keep your pool operating smoothly. If you are planing on building a swimming pool check here for guidance on swimming pool design, construction, and maintenance.
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About's Top 6 Pools and Pool Equipment for People with Arthritis
Warm water exercise is an excellent way for people with arthritis to build up strength, relieve joint pain and stiffness, and relax sore muscles. Water buoyancy greatly reduces the pressure on joints when exercising. There are pools and pool equipment specifically designed for therapy or to make pool access easier.

AQUA Magazine Online
Aqua Magazine is known for its AQUA 100 - an annual guide to the most professional spa and pool dealers in the country. Each year AQUA magazine publishes profiles of the top spa and pool dealers in the country. In addition, AQUA magazines website has a fully searchable article archive and an extensive section on industry news and events.

Cool Your Swimming Pool Water
How can you cool down your swimming pool during extreme heat conditions? Not enjoying your swiming pool when it is as warm as a bathtub? How can you get your swimming pool water back to a cool and refreshing temperature? While dumping large blocks of ice into the pool may seem like a great idea, the cost is prohibitive and the effect is only...

Endless Pools - A Treadmill for Swimmers
The Endless Pool is ideal for water exercise and family fun. Often called a treadmill for swimmers, it has an adjustable current that allows individuals of all abilities to swim in place, providing the benefits and fun of a full-size swimming pool in a fraction of the space.

National Swimming Pool Foundation
The National Swimming Pool Foundation is a non-profit foundation whose mission is to foster and support programs of education and research in the swimming pool industry.

Rehabilitating Troops in Iraq Receive Urgently Needed Therapy Pool
In an effort to provide an effective rehabilitation tool for injured soldiers in the Middle East, Endless Pools, Inc., has donated a Fastlane Pool system to the 1st Brigade Combat Team, stationed at Camp Taji, an Army base just outside of Iraq.

Secrets of Fast Swimming in the Beijing Olympic Swim Pool Revealed?
My daughter and I were chuckling on the way home from morning practice, listening to a radio story on the Olympic swimming pool in Beijing. The angle of the story was that some amazing secrets had been revealed at the 2008 Beijing Olympic swimming pool. Granted, things there are amazing. A beautiful swimming pool with records every day, some by...

Splish, Splash! Swimming Pool Safety Everyone Should Know
For many people, there are few things more enjoyable than spending a beautiful summer day at the swimming pool. As swim pools provide a healthy and fun method of cooling off, more homes have taken to having pools of all types installed. While they can be fun and entertaining, there are many swimming deaths each year due to the presence of swim...

USA Swimming Facilities Development Department
USA Swimming has created a Facilities Development Department to assist member clubs and affiliated organizations. This assistance includes developing and planning new aquatic facilities as well as renovating and upgrading existing facilities. We also assist in developing and designing complimentary aquatic programs.

USA Swimming's Pool Resources
This section is intended to help you find additional resources for building or programming your facility. Many of the resources are links to web sites for organizations and businesses involved in aquatics.

Swimming Pool Safety Checklist

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