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Technique Tips and Swimming Workouts

These tips and workouts will help you develop better swimming technique, improve swimming fitness, design swim workouts and swimming practices, and build season training plans for one swimmer or for a whole swim team.
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Bored? Find Ways to Shake Up Your Swim Workouts!
Are you getting bored with your traditional swim workout? Try some of these ideas to mix up your swim workout routine.

Diaphragmatic Breathing Exercises Techniques for Improved Swimming Performance
What is the most effective breathing exercise technique for swimmers? Coach Shev Gul takes a look at diaphragmatic breathing exercises for swimmers and how to achieve it while swimming. Using these breathing exercises in swim practice could help a swimmer perform better in training and racing and help improve recovery from training and swim meet...

Help Dad win the Fitness Battle - Water Exercise
Every father has his own physical battles. Whether the enemy is a spare tire around the midsection, a golf swing gone aloof, continual back pain, knee surgery, lack of cardiovascular exercise, or another adversary... water exercise can help.

How Has Swimming Been Good for You?
Swimming is a healthy activity, with many benefits. What have you found to be helpful or good for you from swimming?

One Thing You Could Do to Swim Better
What one thing would you change about your swimming to swim better? Make a list and share it with us.

Sign-up for 5 Weeks of swim workouts for swimmers
Swimmers, would you like to receive a set of swimming workouts each week to help you plan your practices? These workouts are designed to help your swim training, to build fitness, and to give you some variety in your exercise regimine.

Swim Fast - Maximizing Forward Speed
Swimmers want to swim fast or swim more efficiently. To swim fast means swimming a distance in less time. Swimming more efficiently means swimming in the same amount of time, but at a lower energy cost.

Swim.EE Swimming Pictures
Sequential breakdowns of starts, strokes, and turns.

Ten Things You Can Do to be a Better Swimmer
There are many things that you can do to swim better. This to do list of 10 ways to swim better could help any swimmer improve in the water.

Things You Do To Swim Better
Share your ideas and tips with other swimmers to help them swim better.

4 Ways to Reduce Drag in Freestyle
Drag is the largest inhibitor of swimming velocity, learn how to reduce swimming drag today!

Force Production Timing in Freestyle
Absolute force production is not a main factor in swimming, instead learn when to apply force!

Spread your Fingers in Swimming!
Want to Increase Force Production? Spread your fingers!

Grab or Track? Front Weighted or Rear Weighted? Which Start is Best?
Learn about the different styles of starts and how to find which works for you!

Tips for Swimmers who Sit All Day!
Swimmers learn how to improve sitting all day!

Swim Training with Limited Time
Short on time, but want a great swim workout? Try these workouts for those with limited time!

10 Step Swimming Flip Turn Guide
Follow this 10-step flip turn tutorial.

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