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Videos, Books, and Magazines for Swimmers

Recommended magazines, books and videos on swimming and other related subjects.
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The Underwater Window - A Swimmer Novel
A great story about the journey toward Olympic gold. The journey is what counts.

Swim Smooth Freestyle Swim Technique and Training Book
A great guide for freestyle swimming technique development for swimmers, triatheltes, and swim coaches.

Overachiever's Diary
The book is an edited collection of a season's emails between a swim coach and the triathlete-swimmers of the West Point Triathlon Team. It is not all just swim practice outlines, but gives enough of them to offer a general feel of what worked for the team. It is more than that. It is about how the coach gets the swimmers from just swimming to...

Fitness Swimming by Emmett Hines (Second Edition)
This book is a great resource for a swimmer with a little lap swimming experience but needs more direction, or a lap swimmer with a lot of swimming experience that wants to try some new ideas (of course, that assumes that the ideas in the book are new to that swimmer).

Games, Gimmicks, Challenges for Swimming Coaches by Bob Steele (Review)
This book by swim coach Bob Steele is loaded with tips, ideas, and drills to help any swimmer or coach become better at what they do in and around the swimming pool - swim or coach!

Golden Girl by Michael Silver with Natalie Coughlin
The subtitle of this book is "How Natalie Coughlin Fought Back, Challenged Conventional Wisdom, And Became America's Swimming Champion" - and that is what the book is all about, but it has much, much more abut the Gold Medal winning swimmer's path to the 2004 Olympic Games.

The Swim Coaching Bible
Two Hall of Fame coaches, Dick Hannula and Nort Thornton, have assembled this anthology of swimming resources from some of the world's greatest swim coaches. The collection of articles in The Swim Coaching Bible are sorted into five sections, covering both the basics and the details of coaching a swim team and specific types of athletes.

Books on Swimming
Looking for a good book about swiming or to help you swim better? I recommend one of these books to give you ideas and insight on technique and training for novice to advanced swimmers. This list also includes some good gift ideas for the swimmer on your gift list.

Favorite Swimming Books - Swimming Technique, Workouts, or Stories About...
What is (or are) your favorite book related to swimming? A technique guide? A wrokout book? A book featuring swimming-related stories or swimming history? Share the titles and something about your favorite book or books with other swimmers.

Better Technique + More Power = Faster Swimming (DVD Review)
This DVD, aimed at owners of the Vasa Ergometer, has something for non-owners, too. If you do own a Vasa and you don't own this DVD, stop reading now and order the DVD, it's free. If you don't own a Vasa, but want to add a good technique DVD to your swimming library, this is one to consider. It has a lot of great swimming technique tips that don't require a Vasa to put into practice. I'd rank the…

Fundamentals of Swimming - Stephen Taylor's Triathlon Training Series DVD
This is an excellent DVD for freestyle swimming within a triathlon, but not for an advanced swimmer. It will give the newbie or weak-swimming triathlete the things needed to improve their swim in a triathlon-focused workout and in a triathlon.

Lane Lines to Shore Lines
This DVD covers an array of topics that will get you out of the pool and into the open water with the physical skills, techniques and mental confidence you need for enjoyable and efficient open water swimming.

Swim Lessons University DVD's
Jim Reiser's DVD's show how to teach swimming for all ages of children, starting with a parent/infant DVD and moving through every age and ability of children's swimming lessons.

Cool Digital Video
A series of digital swimming videos on a CD's, includes strokes, drills, and exercises.

Swim Smooth DVD: Clean-Up Your Stroke
Swim Smooth DVD: Clean-Up Your Stroke by Paul Newsome (Head Coach of the Stadium Triathlon Club in Perth, WA), is the revolutionary NEW swimming video specifically for triathletes and open water swimmers which aims to provide a visual stimulus to help you improve your swimming efficiency through the water.

SwimBabes Baby Swim Videos
These will motivate and help teach some of the techniques used to make infants and toddlers capable swimmers, able to keep themselves safer around the water.

Swim Power 3 DVD Review - Improve Freestyle Swimming Pull Technique a…
Steve Tarpinian's Swim Power 3 DVD is aimed at freestyle pull strength development. Straightforward, simple, and (from what I know of dryland strength training) effective.

Catch Masterclass DVD Review - Better Freestyle Swimming
The Catch Masterclass DVD is a superb rendering of how to find and develop the sometimes elusive key element of freestyle swimming, the catch. It is focused one main element of good technique, with plenty of detail, but simplified so swimmers can work on developing a better catch step by step and not get lost in those details.

Catch Masterclass DVD - Better Freestyle Swimming - Images by Swim Smooth
A few images from the Catch Masterclass Better Freestyle Swimming DVD

Better Freestyle Swimming With the Flippers Flip Book with Sheila Taormina
The Flippers Freestyle Flipbook is a great swim tool; you can watch Olympic swimmer Sheila Taormina swim from a side or head-on view frame-by-frame.

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